Friday Must Watch: EUREKA revisits a different past

If there’s any show you should be watching tonight, it’s an all new episode of EUREKA on Syfy (9/8c).

Continuing the weekly trend of enjoyable, exciting, and smart episodes of one of my favorite shows on TV, tonight’s episode deals with facing fears about new relationships, standing up for yourself in the face of doubt, and what happens when you have to watch the one you love possibly loving someone new.

Follow the jump for a more detailed, semi-spoilery preview, with video!

Last week’s episode ended with Carter and Allison finally realizing what we’ve all realized – they are meant for each other!  At a picnic for Henry and his wife (who seems to have forgiven him for pretending to be old Henry), a power surge has strange side effects on our core gang (Carter, Allison, Jo, Fargo, and Grant), and suddenly, visions of the past are haunting their current future.

Allison starts seeing Tess; Carter starts seeing the still-long-gone Nathan (I miss you Ed Quinn).  Fargo, Jo, and Grant have slightly different visions, but everyone is compelled by their hallucination to face some fears that they’ve been harboring since they got back from 60+ years ago.  With slightly unpredictable outcomes, and Zane’s grandmother’s wedding ring coming into play, the show manages to explore the personal stories with great success, while also exploring a deviant sect of people who follow Dr Grant’s 1947-work, as a weapon from GD goes missing, as the town of Eureka threatens to shake itself to mass destruction.

I don’t typically give ratings, but if I did, this one would get an A+ and a 10/10.