Turner Week: I love MY BOYS!

So our final day of Turner Week has to do with MY BOYS, which has been quietly airing their fourth season on TBS Sunday nights.  I was worried, I really was, when it was announced that Jim Gaffigan would not be returning at PJ’s brother Andy, but I think the gang’s loss of Andy was viewers gain in a way:  the absence of Andy has allowed Stephanie to become a bigger part of the group and I. LOVE. THAT. WOMAN.  She calls it like she sees it, and is not afraid to put her foot down. Hysterical.

The chemistry that this group of friends has is unrivaled – I would be glad to sit at their poker table and pretend to laugh through their inside jokes just to get some group time in.

Mike and Kenny’s relationship is fantastic; I liked Bobby the minute he joined the group in the Pilot, and was a Bobby and PJ fan originally, so I’m glad they’re exploring that, maturely.  But I have to admit, I’m still a PJ+Brendan=TrueLove kind of person.  What about you?  What’s your favorite character or relationship?  Follow the jump for a preview of this Sunday’s all new episode where Kenny discovers he has a great talent for designing closets, and Brando considers a move and enter for your chance to win a MY BOYS deck of playing cards!


  • Kyle

    I love this show–not being a sports guy and seeing that most of the characters work in some sports-related business, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t like the show. However I purchased the season 1 DVD when it was released and was happily surprised and was quickly ready for more, anxious for season 2 to begin. The interaction between the cast is great–and always a plus when a show contains an actor named Kyle! :). It’s a shame that the current 4th season will most likely be the last–how can TBS order 90 eps of Are We Home Yet and not order more of this great show!

  • Laura DeLuca

    I like Kenny Morittori because he’s the cutest

  • Is there any chance this show is coming back? I see TBS is still referring to this week’s episode as the “Season Finale” when I highly suspect this is the series finale.