Turner Week: Why aren’t you watching LEVERAGE?

If you have an answer other than “I don’t own a TV” then I don’t know if we can talk any more. LEVERAGE is one of my favorite shows on TV – a smart, fun, sexy, funny, action, drama, comedy, spy, heist, type show that doesn’t fit in the box, and shouldn’t have to! Timothy Hutton’s Nate and his rag tag team of criminal-fighters (they’re aren’t in the crime fighting business so much as they’re in the beat these horrible criminals at their own game business).

This weekend (Sunday night, 9PM on TNT), a new episode of LEVERAGE airs, called “The Rashomon Job” that has each member of the team recalling how they all tried to steal the same artifact, on the same night, 5 years ago, before they all knew each other. Check out a preview after the jump, and while you’re there, leave a comment to say who your favorite LEVERAGE team member is: Nate, Sophie, Hardison, Parker, or Elliot? One lucky person at random will win The Con Artist Handbook, by Joel Levy!

One comment

  • Kyle

    I love Leverage, it’s one of my favorite shows! I agree that there is no acceptable excuse not to watch. (However, there are tons of DVR conflicts on Sundays at 9pm!) It reminds me of a cross between Mission Impossible and the British show Hu$tle. Parker is my favorite–glad to see her character get a lot more development this season!