Turner Week: Are you watching HAWTHORNE?

I’ll be the first to admit that I stopped watching HAWTHORNE last summer because there was too much else on TV and I traveled too often to keep it on the DVR! But when I got season 2 to check out earlier this summer, I was surprised how easy it was to get caught up in what was happening now that Christina’s Richmond Trinity is closed!  It doesn’t hurt that Michael Vartan is in it, and I have a soft spot for my favorite CIA agent Michael Vaughn!  For those not sure, here are the deets from TNT:

The doors of Richmond Trinity have closed… permanently. That’s the dramatic reality that opens the second season of TNT’s powerful medical drama, HAWTHORNE. This June, the hit series returns with star and executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women, The Matrix trilogy) as Christina Hawthorne, a Chief Nursing Officer ready for battle on the front lines of a war against declining patient services and hospital budget cuts. HAWTHORNE is told from the point of view of nurses as they struggle against the odds to deliver the best care possible. The series also stars Michael Vartan (Alias) as Dr. Tom Wakefield, Richmond Trinity’s Chief of Surgery who helped Christina’s husband during the last stages of his cancer; Suleka Mathew (Men in Trees) as Bobbie Jackson, a fellow nurse and one of Christina’s best friends; David Julian Hirsh (Lovebites) as Ray Stein, a nurse struggling with being accepted in a female-dominated profession; Christina Moore (90210) as Candy Sullivan, a nurse with a patriotic sense of duty; Vanessa Lengies (American Dreams) as Kelly Epson, who continues to find her footing as a nurse; and Hannah Hodson (TNT’s The Ron Clark Story) as Christina’s daughter Camille. As the second season of HAWTHORNE opens, several Richmond Trinity doctors and nurses have been transferred to James River, a failing hospital in terrible shape. There, Christina butts heads with the ER’s head nurse, Gail Strummer (Vanessa Bell Calloway – The District), who is extremely set in her ways. Christina is impressed, however, by the charming Dr. Steve Shaw (Adam Rayner – Mistresses), who hails from England, and the hard-working ER clerk Marcus Leeds (Collins Curtis Pennie – Half Nelson), who has his eye on Camille. This season, Christina and Tom will try to forge a romantic relationship, especially now that he is no longer serving as Chief of Surgery and can devote more time to patient care and a private life. Bobbie will once again find herself helping out homeless mother Isabelle. Ray’s lust-hate relationship with Dr. Marshall will hit some snags over Ray’s continued feelings toward Candy, who is serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Kelly’s confidence as a nurse will slowly build, thanks in part to her work with a nurse (guest star Sarah Gilbert – Roseanne) who’s even more insecure. And Camille takes a step toward adulthood that her mother isn’t sure she’s prepared to take. Created by Emmy winner John Masius (St. Elsewhere, Providence, Dead Like Me), HAWTHORNE comes to TNT from Sony Pictures Television in association with Pinkett Smith’s 100% Womon Productions, John Masius Productions and Jamie Tarses’ FanFare Productions. HAWTHORNE is executive-produced by Pinkett Smith; Masius; Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Crash, Life); and Jamie Tarses (My Boys).

Now’s a great time to get tuned in as the second season finale is coming next Tuesday night – an explosion at the hospital causes chaos for Christina and the gang!  Do what you can to help get this show a 3rd season.  Follow the jump for a video getting to know the cast, and enter for your chance to win HawthoRNe branded scrubs!


  • Kyle

    I enjoyed last season, but haven’t been a huge fan of this new season–nice to hear that the finale is soon 🙂
    The main problem I have is my least favorite character is the main character, Hawthorne (much like with Nurse Betty)–but since she is the title character, I don’t think she’ll be going without the show going away. Actually my least favorite character is the pregnant homeless woman–can’t believe the dragged her to the new hospital–how did she even get there?!
    (was just about to hit submit when I noticed this was filed under giveaways–I don’t need a pair of scrubs–already won some for Nurse Jackie :))

  • Laura DeLuca

    I love shows that feature strong female characters