Monday Must Watch: Showtime’s BIG premieres!

What are you up to tonight, folks?  Whatever it is, I hope that your plans involve watching the season 6 premiere of WEEDS followed by the series premiere of Laura Linney’s THE BIG C.

When we last left our friends in Mexico on WEEDS, while on their way to a party for Esteban, Shane overheard Pilar telling Nancy that Shane and Silas weren’t safe because Pilar was going to have them killed.  Rather than take that lying down, Shane took matters into his own hands.  To be more specific, he took a croquet mallet into his own hands and smashed Pilar in the back of the head with it, sending her bleeding body into the pool.  When we rejoin Nancy and Shane, they’re standing where they were at the end of Season 5 (and it should be noted that Shane is about 5 feet taller at the start of this season).  Nancy stares at Shane in awe of what he just did, and with a hint of worry and fright at the fact that her son is now a murderer.  After a week Season 5 that left many of us going “really? That’s where they’re going with this,” I think that Season 6 is fast and sharp enough that it’s going to erase last year from our memories.  Silas continues to be the only voice of reason, as Andy once again learns that maybe he’s not the most stand up guy in the world.  Check out a promo for tonight’s premiere and let us know if you’ll be watching?

After WEEDS’ premiere, Laura Linney stars a Cathy, a woman recently diagnosed with THE BIG C, Cancer.  The normally straight laced woman who even her husband thinks is boring, decides to change her life and live it to the fullest.  Laura Linney is as charming as ever, holding in this big secret about her medical issues, while dealing with her child-like husband (played as only Oliver Platt can play it), her annoying son, her maybe-evil neighbor, her homeless (and AWESOME) brother, and a student she seems to both hate and adore (played, weakly, by Gabourey Sidibe).  I immediately warmed to Cathy – Laura Linney is one of the best working actresses of our day, and this role is no different.  Whether she’s walking around, yelling at the pool guy, or yelling at her neighbor, or in later episodes, aiming a weapon at a school bus, you want to be her friend, and hold her hand as she goes through this harrowing experience.  She has great chemistry with Platt, and with John Benjamin Hickey, who plays her brother Sean, not to mention the surprising heat she has with Reid Scott, here for a good chunk of the season as Dr Todd, the only human who knows her secret.  I think that the supporting cast (Hickey aside) needs to rise to Linney’s level a bit more, but after watching the first three episodes, I’m so in love with the show that I accept them for their flaws!  Check out a promo and be sure to tune in (if you can’t wait until tonight, check out the first episode here)!!