While I’m not excited about a crossover with The Wretched Beast (OTH), I am excited about everything else, and here’s a quick promo for Season 2!!

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  • AustiNights

    You better know it! LUX is going to be the CW’s signature show. Not since the days of Everwood have I been excited about a show on this network. I was a huge fan of Everwood and when they decided to bring over Veronica Mars (dud) I knew it might be a while for a show like this to come about. However, Liz Tigelaar & Co. have done what has been needed for about three or four years – brought back a quality show that’s not all about “shake your butt” and “sex sex sex.” Me thinks Hellcats will go down in flames and LUX will be picked up for more shows or for sure more seasons.