My Take On….the EUREKA premiere!

Image Credit: Art Streiber/Syfy

Last summer, right around this time, I had never seen an episode of Syfy’s original series EUREKA.  I knew of Colin Ferguson and Ed Quinn, but knowing what they looked like as about the extent of my knowledge of the series that a friend of mine listed as number one on their list.

At the request of that friend, I tackled a 2.5 season viewing marathon in about 5 days, so I was ready when the show kicked came back on.  After last summer’s finale that found Tess and Zoe dealing with some decisions about what the future held for them (Australia and Harvard, respectively), I was so ready for Season 4, I was basically giddy with anticipation.

All of that build up is to tell you, without question, that of all of the EUREKA episodes I’ve seen, the season 4 premiere, airing tonight on Syfy, is the best of the best.  The episode, “Founder’s Day” deals with the past and the present of Eureka all in one, and through no fault of their own, the lives of Jack, Allison, Fargo, Jo, and Henry are quite possibly forever changed.  Oh and did I forget to mention the arrival of James Callis’ mysterious Dr Grant?  Let’s just say that he shows up where you might least expect.

Vague enough for you?  I’m sorry, but to say much more would be to say way too much and you need to be unspoiled!  I will add that the episode is fun, and smart like the EUREKA we love, and it’s poignant, thought provoking, and just the right amount of shocking to kick start an amazing season of an already great series!

You should probably also know that Colin Ferguson is as charming as ever as Sheriff Jack.  Fargo and Jo are as antagonistic as ever, especially when they end up in a very precarious situation.  Allison is amazing as ever (seriously, I couldn’t love this character more)!  And Dr. Grant?  Well he’s a welcome addition to a cast that I already loved immensely and he may find himself fighting with Jack over my affections as the season progresses!

If you love tonight’s episode like I did, you’ll also love next week’s, that picks up right where tonight’s shocking premiere ends!

Follow the jump for a video sneak peek (if you want a sneak peek that kind of spoils a few things)!

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  • Eureka is one of those shows that I always forget about. Not being a cable subscriber, I’m relegated to the internet to catch up on shows that I didn’t know about, and Eureka is a hard one to find out there. But, what I have seen of it, I adore. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get my butt in gear and watch the rest of these seasons!