My Take On…the WAREHOUSE 13 premiere!

A funny thing happened to me a few years back – I found myself loving BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which, aside from the human emotion of it all, was a little more science fiction than I was accustomed to.  Through my love of BSG, I started trying out some other Syfy (then SciFi) shows, wondering if they too would stick.

Cut to a few years later, and me, listing EUREKA and WAREHOUSE 13 among my favorites, thanks in large part to creative storytelling that envelops me in the science fiction that I’ve apparently come to love, and the strong and smart characters that I enjoy watching week to week.

And now you’re saying, get to the point, whatever it is.  The point is, today brings us the second season premiere of Syfy’s highest rated original series (ever), WAREHOUSE 13, and I can tell you from minute one, you will not be disappointed!

For newbies or people who don’t remember what happened almost a year ago when the show ended –

Artie was chasing MacPherson, who Leena, dressed in Claudia’s body, had helped escape from the Warehouse’s bronze sector.  In the process, he locked Pete and Myka out of the tunnel he was heading down, and we cut to black after the tunnel exploded with Artie still inside.  Claudia, meanwhile, was on the run, after being framed as the traitor.

Tonight’s premiere picks up right where we left off – to say much more, honestly, would be to give too much away, but a savvy reader or viewer knows that Saul Rubinek is still featured among the main cast, so you can imagine Artie doesn’t completely disappear.  Pete and Myka quickly try to determine what exactly MacPherson needed from the Warehouse, and DEXTER’s Jaime Murray may just hold the clue they are looking for.

Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly have even more chemistry this season, if that’s even possible, as they’ve settled into their roles as these secret service agents, helping to save the world from history’s most dangerous artifacts.  This episode was the first time where I thought, hey, I could handle them as best friends forever, I could handle them as partners plus a little bit of romance – I just really enjoy them together.  I love the idea that the show continues to rewrite history in a fun and intriguing fashion, and I find myself enjoying the bits of knowledge that they drop on us here and there.

Add in Mrs Frederic being cryptic and awesome, and Claudia being sarcastic and awesome, and you have the makings of an incredible season 2.  And don’t forget to watch next week when FIREFLY fans have some awesome of their own to look forward to!