My Take On…the return of LEVERAGE

When we last left our merry band of grifters and thieves, Nate has taken the figurative bullet for his team, and landed himself in the pokey (read: jail).  When we join them in Season 3’s premiere, tonight on TNT at 10/9c, the gang on the outside has gotten even closer, and are working to help free Nate.  Nate’s not having any of it, but when he meets a fellow inmate whose life is in danger (guest star Edwin Hodge, Aldis’ brother), he decides that he needs his team to help him save this guy’s life.  Nate and company soon realize that their problems are far from over when George Clooney’s lady friend Elisabetta Canalis shows up to wreak some havoc.

On a whole, there is nothing I don’t like about LEVERAGE.  The cast chemistry is believable, and their relationships are the best.  Tim Hutton is one of my favorite actors and he gives Nate Ford such an interesting gravitas and inner turmoil and the rest of the team is so reliably delightful that they make watching the show easy and fun.  I will say, if I have to find one thing to point out that didn’t scream “love it” for me in this premiere, it’s Canalis.  I’m not in love with her character (maybe it’s her stiff as a board delivery or lack of screen presence, even though she’s gorgeous), but I’m going to hold judgment until I see how it plays out.

In short, LEVERAGE is a must see tonight and every Sunday this summer!