Dear EW…

So those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen my offended tweet about something I read in EW this morning.  When covering a Hot Summer TV story, explaining to viewers to watch DROP DEAD DIVA, an off handed comment asserted that fans of this fantastic series would probably be fans of completely-different-teen-drama-set-at-weight-loss-camp show HUGE.  My immediate reaction was that the shows were only compared because they share a plus size lead role (which is clearly the main reason).  So offended was I by the shallow comment, I emailed EW almost immediately.

FROM: Amrie Cunningham
Subject: RE: Summer TV Preview

I am insulted and offended by Jennifer Armstrong’s assertion in the June 18th issue of EW that if viewers are fans of the incredibly strong, well written, well-acted, daring Lifetime series DROP DEAD DIVA that they would also be fans of ABC Family’s series HUGE.

I’ll agree that they share a unique leading lady that considers herself plus size but that is where the likeness stops. Brooke Elliott is a breath of fresh air on a show that looks at more than outward beauty with thought provoking stories not solely focused on the weight of their star. Nikki Blonsky is a caricature in a show that offends overweight people who dare to embrace their bodies and not comply with society’s demand for uniformity.

To take a quote from my good friend, it was “more than just a little shallow” to assume that a plus size star must mean that people will like both series. Why couldn’t DROP DEAD DIVA have been compared to another law show or another evening soap, GLEE for their musical moments, etc? Why not compare it to HOT IN CLEVELAND, as Tanner Stransky does later in the same article? Armstrong and her editor should be ashamed and embarrassed.

Thank you,
Amrie Cunningham

Let’s see if I get a response, and please, share your thoughts on the subject!


  • @rorysreqreading

    Brava! I read that article yesterday and I did not see how those two shows were similar in content and execution. It’s like saying, “Hey, if you are overweight, you’ll love Cupcake Wars!” Drop Dead Diva is getting the accolades it truly deserves and this season started off strong. There is no need to equate it to any other show that hasn’t proven to be the same quality. Drop Dead Diva should be compared to The Good Wife due to the fantastic female leads, great supporting cast, engaging story-lines and the ability to always leave the viewer wanting more. Well done, Amrie!

  • Was thinking the exact same thing when I read the article. I hope they post your letter in the magazine.