What’s On? Tuesday, 6/8/10

A big premiere and two huge finales tonight – what are you watching?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new JIMMY KIMMEL special, followed by a countdown to the NBC finals Game 3.  Over on CBS, catch a rerun of NCIS – the team’s investigation into a lieutenant’s death is connected to a citywide blackout.

FOX has an all new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN.  The team challenge has the groups making eggs 4 ways.  Communication break downs affect the teams’ abilities to get through the dinner service.  NBC has a rerun episode of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.   On The CW, there’s a rerun of 90210– it’s the episode where Annie is trying to out Naomi as the sender of the dirty text and Harry confides his marital woes in Kelly.

The series premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is on ABC Family.  The show follows the lives of four estranged former best friends who start receiving cryptic messages from a friend who went missing a year ago.  They are brought together to figure out just who holds their secrets, while dealing with their family issues and romantic entanglements.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, GAME 3 of the NBC Finals starts and runs until it’s over. CBS has a rerun of NCIS: LA. A national security threat is discovered when the bodies of two criminals posing as marines are found at a site where a deadly toxin was made.

NBC has an all new episode of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT as the auditions continue.  Fox has the season finale of GLEE!  Our New Directions gang heads to Regionals where their chances are threatened when Sue pulls a fast one.  Quinn’s life is forever changed, and from the sneak peek music clips I’ve heard, this episode is going to be awesome!  The CW has a rerun of LIFE UNEXPECTED which features Cate and Baze’s homes getting checked out by a social worker to determine if Lux is safe.

The 10:00 Hour –

The game continues on ABC.  CBS has a rerun of THE GOOD WIFE.  Alicia finds herself back in the old neighborhood when she represents the child of a former friend after the kid is accused of murdering a security guard.  NBC has an all new episode of LOSING IT WITH JILLIAN.  Jillian heads to Cambridge, MA, to help a family toward a healthier lifestyle after it has experienced the loss of a loved one.

The first season of JUSTIFIED goes out with a bang on tonight’s finale!  Things come to a head in Harlan when the worlds of Raylan, Boyd, and Bo Crowder meet.  Check out my interview with Joelle Carter (Ava) about tonigiht’s episode!   THE HILLS and THE CITY are all new on MTV. CRIMINAL INTENT is all new on USA – the body of a bright young college student is found completely drained of blood.  What appears to be a sex game gone wrong leads to a world of underground clubs, blood dealers, and a fanatical cult who believes themselves immortal.  ASHES TO ASHES is new to us on BBC America – Alex investigates a robbery at her future in-laws’ home and comes face to face with Molly’s father – Peter, as a 14 year old!