LIE TO ME returns tonight!

When all of the HUMAN TARGET versus LIE TO ME press was happening (it’s since been cleared up since both were renewed), I was definitely in the “bring back Tim Roth and team” camp, because LIE TO ME is one of my favorite shows on TV.  I can’t explain a reason why I’m so invested in the Lightman group.  Maybe it’s my history with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (one of the best movies ever) or just a general interest in telling if people are lying, but I cannot get enough.

The show kicks off their summer run with one of the strongest episodes I’ve seen to date!  In the main story, Cal visits his former mentor Helen and her class of psychology graduate students.  While there, he makes a wager with Martin Walker (played to perfection by Jason Dohring) about whether he can read his facial expression, and when he can’t, Cal begins to suspect almost immediately that Martin is a psychopathic murderer.   What follows is a very enjoyable cat and mouse game that brings the show to a thrilling ending, along the way featuring some intense Dohring/Roth scenes that prove that Jason isn’t the one hit wonder I worried he’d become after VM was canceled.

While all that is happening, Loker and Torres work with a teacher (Howard Hessman) who is convinced that he saw a UFO and when that story is backed up by another possible witness, they get themselves involved in an interesting predicament.  Throw in a great role for Chrissy Sever (Ashley Johnson) and Aaron from 24 (Glenn Morshower), and you’ve got guest stars galore!

Roth is charming and his chemistry with Kelli Williams’ Gillian is palpable.  I love the idea that, in both this week and next week’s equally as dark and impressive episode that flashes back to Foster and Lightman’s beginning, the team is in danger, the stakes are raised, and there’s a real sense of urgency that makes for great high-octane TV.

Don’t forget to tune in to tonight’s all new LIE TO ME at 8PM on FOX!