What’s On? Friday, 6/4/10

You’ve got FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, PARTY DOWN, and SGU – what else could we ask for?

New tonight:

At 8, FOX has an all new episode of PAST LIFE.  An office worker’s violent outburst leads to the revelation that, in a previous life, he was involved in a violent crime.  ABC has the Scripps National SPELLING BEE for two hours.  NBC has what I hear is an incredible new episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  During a crisis, Matt receives support from the Taylors and Landry; Vince jeopardizes his football career in order to support his family, and Becky and Riggins become closer.

At 9, ABC continues with the SPELLING BEE. NBC has an all new two hour DATELINE. CBS has an all new episode of FLASHPOINT!  A terrorist group places several bombs throughout the city and the SRU team must find and dismantle them before they explode.  One team member sacrifices his life to save others.  BBC America has an all new episode of GAVIN AND STACEY who head to Essex to celebrate Dawn and Pete’s renewal of vows, followed by an all new NOT GOING OUT.  Syfy has an all new episode (part 1 of 2) of STARGATE UNIVERSE.  Col. Telford reveals a threat to the Destiny from the Lucian Alliance, prompting General O’Neill to launch a preemptive attack on the foe’s base.

At 10, ABC has an all new 20/20.  NBC continues with DATELINE. CBS has an all new MIAMI MEDICAL.  A hurricane bears down on Miami as the alpha team members treat victims of a massive car accident.  As the storm nears, the need to evacuate becomes more critical.  Meanwhile, Zambrano’s father visits the hospital.  Syfy has an all new MERLIN. Merlin rescues a beautiful druid girl from a bounty hunter and he hides her in the tunnels beneath Camelot.  On Starz, PARTY DOWN is all new – our favorite Party Down team heads to the company picnic where they run into the team from Valhalla, and end up competing in a kickball match, once Casey’s competitive side rears its ugly head.  Also, Ron tries to get a better position within the company and Henry and Uda (guest star Kristen Bell) have a talk about their relationship.  That’s followed by an all new GRAVITY.


CBS has a rerun of MEDIUM at 8.  FOX has a rerun of HOUSE at 9.  The CW airs reruns of SMALLVILLE at 8 and SUPERNATURAL at 9.