Thursday Must Watch: USA Dramas!

Tonight, my advice for you is to sit back and watch the long awaited season premieres of BURN NOTICE and ROYAL PAINS on USA at 9 and 10 respectively!

When we left our BURN NOTICE crew in Miami earlier this spring, Michael found himself shackled and chained and suddenly sitting in….a rich person’s library?  I know, crazy, right?  Well, tonight’s premiere picks up right where we left him, with a quick answer about just exactly what is going on, and some amends needing to be made to Fi, Madeline, and Sam.  It’s an explosive episode that I didn’t love as much as I have loved other episodes of this show.  Something about it felt flat or rushed to me, but it does set up a very interesting arc, mirroring what happened with Simon and Michael’s burn notice, that I’m intrigued to see play out.

When we get back to the Hamptons on ROYAL PAINS, Hank’s gone missing, and Hank Med is going down the drain, and fast, without any financial backing.  Evan has a brilliant plan that involves Eddie R, and when Hank resurfaces, he’s none too pleased.  Also, Jill has her hands full at the hospital with a terrible terrible terrible woman played by Marcia Gay Harden, and Kyle Bornheimer guest stars as an adorable spaz.  I really enjoyed this premiere (I have to say a bit more than I enjoyed the BURN NOTICE ep), so I think it’s a great way to spend tonight!

Follow the jump for preview clips from tonight’s all new episodes of both, and a photo gallery of the lovely stars of both shows!

BURN NOTICE, Thursdays at 9 on USA:

[cincopa 10624828]

ROYAL PAINS, Thursdays at 10 on USA:

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