When asked what I love most about the USA dramas I love coming back this summer, I have two answers.  For one thing, I love them.  Can’t get enough of them, in fact.  And two, I love giving you guys the opportunity to win some amazing prizes as a thank you for being loyal watchers of the shows and readers of the site!

ROYAL PAINS is back every Thursday at 10/9c on USA Network!  ROYAL PAINS stars Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Reshma Shetty and Jill Flint. Season Two welcomes multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winning actor Henry Winkler in a recurring role as Eddie R. Lawson, Hank and Evan’s father. Campbell Scott, Christine Ebersole also return as guest stars. Marcia Gay Harden, Anastasia Griffith and Tony Plana will also guest this season. Follow Royal Pains on Twitter, Facebook, and the Official Site!

Two Winners Win a ROYAL PAINS SUMMER GIFT BAG (pictured below):

–        Canvas Sports Bag
–        Badminton Set
–        Frisbee
–        IFrogz Earphones
–        White LACOSTE Hat
–        Royal Pains Season 1.0 DVD
–        Kiehl’s Summer Lotion Kit (Editor’s note – LOVE this stuff!!)

This prize pack is valued at $125 and the contest is open to US Residents, 18 years of age or older.

To enter, tell me what you would do if given the chance to guest star in an episode of ROYAL PAINS – who do you want to share a scene with (and I know those Lawson boys and their ladies are gorgeous, so don’t get too risque), what role would you play, get creative!  Winners will be notified by email on June 30!

Oh and have you seen this amazing video with a little ROYAL PAINS rap, featuring Henry Winkler and Campbell Scott, and another two very beautiful USA leading men?


  • This show is great–I’d love to win this prize even if it was just season 1 on DVD, but all the other stuff is really cool! 🙂 If I was a guest star, I’d be more than happy to do anything by the beach with the whole Hank Med gang–they all seem like a lot of fun. I think it would be fun to be the patient they are trying to save.

  • I’d love to play a rival concierge doctor who is stealing all of Hank Med’s patients (only to be thwarted at the end of course). If you’re gonna play a guest star, you’ve gotta be either dying or the baddie if you want to get nominated. 😉

  • Jenna

    I’d want to be one of the rich patients so I can hang out in one of those mansions. Dr. Hank would have to go all MacGyver to save my life.

  • I think I’d want to be a buddy of the younger kid that Hank befriended, the one’s who’s father had all the Ferraris – maybe I should give Divea a ride in it?? 🙂

  • Cheryl

    I would be an advisor to Evan for Public relations and teach him twitter and facebook

  • Amy

    It might be fun to play Evan’s new annoying and ditzy love interest to make Divya jealous since we all know she likes Evan. 🙂

  • Patrick

    I’d want to play the ostracized half-brother of Evan and Hank who comes to mooch off his older brothers only to learn that I have a rare, serious heart condition that Hank must use his Sherlock Holmes/MacGyver skills to save my life. I think that would be a good storyline for an episode or two!

  • I’d play a camp counselor at the premiere day camp in the Hamptons! Which I also happen to work for 🙂
    LOVE THIS SHOW! Come do a show with us! hahah

  • I can’t wait for tomorrow!

    I would love to play someone who tries to steal Jill’s affection. After a steamy kiss (or two), I would of course be dumped so she can go back to Hank.

  • Kristi

    I’d definitely want to be a patient, with something mysterious that no one’s been able to diagnose or treat. Hank, being awesome, eventually figures it out and saves my life.

  • Elizabeth

    I would want to play Boris’ mysterious long lost daughter. It could make for an interesting plot twist.

  • David

    I would want a scene with Boris, in a scene where we get some light shed upon who he really is, and what it is that he does.

  • Jonathan

    If I was a guest star on Royal Pains I would play the part of a clinic administrator who make Hank and Jill’s lives complicated by threatening to fire Jill if she doesn’t get rid of Hank. Of course, I would fall ill due to bite from a disease carrying insect and Hank would have to save my life. Hank of course, is allowed to stay after his heroics

  • Jessica Lansford

    First, I just want to say I love this show! If I was given the chance to guest star I would play a nurse that wants to join HankMed. That way I would get a chance to share a scene with everyone and every good doctor needs a nurse, right? lol! Plus it would be fun to introduce a little competition for Divya. We all know she likes Hank so it would be interesting to see her reaction to someone else flirting with him.

  • Ravi

    I’d like to be a patient who gets a mysterious skin condition after a game of tennis with Mrs. “Newparts” Newburg’s granddaughter. Turns out that I was using a new racket and I’m allergic to the material that the grip is made of.

  • I would have to say that I’d want to be a nurse working for HankMed. Evan would be in love with my character, of course, but I would only have eyes for Hank. I see it as a really nice multi-episode story arc. 😉

  • tori

    I would want to play Evan’s ex-girlfriend maybe the one that got away or broke his heart and that’s wy he is the way he is with other women.

  • I would love to play an old friend of Dr. Hank that is in great trouble and only he can save my life, all of this could take place in one of those beautiful Hamptons mansions 🙂

  • EmilyWard

    If I was a guest star on the show, I’d like to be Evan’s intern. I would hang out with Divya all the time and aspire to be just like Evan. Hank would get jealous and try to get me to be interested in the medical field, but I’d simply just be more interested in finances and such! I would also try to push Evan and Divya closer in their relationship. At the end of the episode, I’d tell Hank that it isn’t that I don’t like him, I just find the doctor business to be to gruesome for my interests and everything that goes along with it. He’d understand and then we’d go do fun things in the Hamptons. 🙂

  • Liz

    I love Royal Pains!! If I were a guest star I think I’d want to be one of the patients. Or have a scene with Evan because Paulo Costanzo is soo hilarious 😀

  • I would love to play an old friend of Dr. Hank that is in great trouble and only he can save my life, all of this could take place in one of those beautiful Hamptons mansions 🙂

  • I love this show. I’d love to be in a scene with Evan because he’s definitely a favorite of mine. Maybe work with him for a day…helping out a case for Hank. I don’t know, but it would be great!!!

  • I could probably pass for Divya’s cousin. Maybe I can be visiting her or something. I wouldn’t mind being a patient. 🙂

  • Will

    Hank makes a surprise visit to Juarez, Mexico; the number one murder capital in the world. I would be Hanks tour guide through the cartel-filled, corrupt soldiers, streets where Hank helps cure the fattest man in the world in Manuel Uribe. As a recently married couple, Manuel and Evan create a Mexican CPA firm. And a surprise visit is made by the “sisters who sees ghosts from the bed-n-breakfast” at Manuel’s wedding, where a crane is used to prop him up at the alter. Insert Evan fat jokes throughout!

  • Samantha Davis

    I’m not an actor, so I would probably want more of a bit part. Maybe a friend of the person with the disease/injury. I’d just enjoy being on set to meet everyone! All of the actors are great! Now, if you wanted to give me a job helping on the production team, that’s more my style.

  • Marc

    I’d like to play an unknown, billionaire benefactor who would communicate to the star (doctor) by phone. Sort of like Charles Townsend in Charlie’s Angels. And I’d like to share a scene with any of the pretty girls–who would be dressed in a thong bikini–serving me an ice-cold lemonade as I talked to the doctor on the phone.

  • Sarah G

    Love Royal Pains, especially Jill and Evan! I’d love to play Divya’s friend, who gets sick, and needs Evan & Hank’s assistance. 🙂

  • Alison

    It might be fun to play Evan’s new love interest