What’s On? Friday, 5/28/10

One of my favorite comedies (PARTY DOWN) and one of my favorite dramas (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) are on tonight!  You should definitely be watching!!

New tonight:

At 8, NBC has an all new FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!  The boosters go after Tami; Eric learns about East Dillon’s history during homecoming; Jess has two suitors in Landry and Vince; Julie and Devin go to a gay bar; and Matt and Riggins go hunting!  Sounds amazing.  FOX has an all new PAST LIFE.  The team’s interest is perked by media reports of a saint, a young girl whom they recognize as exhibiting physical manifestations from a past-life trauma.  Kate and Price’s resulting investigation uncovers a link to a serial killer.

At 9, ABC has a 2 hour 20/20 and NBC has an all new DATELINE. GAVIN AND STACEY and NOT GOING OUT are on BBC America.

At 10, Starz has a hilarious new episode of PARTY DOWN where the team caters an event at Kyle’s old theatre, and he promises to seduce a woman in order to secure funding to keep it open.  It’s a great episode of mistaken identity!  An all new GRAVITY airs afterward.


ABC is has WIFE SWAP at 8. CBS has reruns of GHOST WHISPERER, MEDIUM, and MIAMI MEDICAL.  FOX has a repeat airing of THE GOOD GUYS pilot, hoping to garner some new viewers after the premiere failed to pop.  CW airs reruns of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and SUPERNATURAL.