What’s On? Wednesday, 5/26/10

It’s the un-official final day of the Fall/Spring TV season.  How are you guys coping?

Not much worth talking about today!

New tonight:

At 8, the season finale of AMERICAN IDOL starts on FOX and runs to 10 (and probably a little bit over because Seacrest will find a way to make that happen.  Are you voting Crystal or Lee?

At 9, AI continues on FOX, while CBS offers up the season finale of CRIMINAL MINDS.  The team travels to Los Angeles to track a serial killer (Tim Curry), who attacks entire families and leaves only one family member alive.

At 10, CBS has the season finale of CSI: NY.  Serial killer Shane Casey plots his revenge while targeting Danny, who is on vacation with Lindsay and the baby.  BBC America offers up a new PEEP SHOW, and MTV has a new CHALLENGE: FRESH MEAT II.  Also, Bravo has an all new TOP CHEF: MASTERS – the five remaining chefs compete in a heat of “name that ingredient.”  Later, they must whip up a meal inspired by a Greek god.

ABC is airing TRANSFORMERS all night.  CBS has a rerun of UNDERCOVER BOSS AT 8; NBC is in reruns all night – 2 hours of MINUTE TO WIN IT, followed by SVU.  CW airs two hours of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.


  • I’ve already seen this PeepShow, so I got nothing to watch tonight. Time for some summer shows to start up about now. That’ll give us something to watch for a few weeks before they get pulled and replaced with reality shows.

  • We still have the Flashforward finale tomorrow (yes, I’m still watching) before I’d call this the end of the Fall season.
    BBCA is way far behind with Peep Show. Just got my series 6 DVD from Amazon.co.uk yesterday, so I need to watch that.