First Look: NBC’s New Midseason Shows

NBC went crazy this pilot season, ordering 12 shows, half of which have been held from Midseason – take a peek at the shows you can expect to see in the spring!

THE CAPE – a troubled cop takes on the bad guys all by himself, calling himself THE CAPE, his son’s favorite superhero.

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (Fran Kranz and Ian Reed Kesler will be recast) – Ryan Hansen and Daneel Harris are best friends who share everything, emotionally and physically, while they look for Mrs and Mr Right.

PERFECT COUPLES – Christine Woods, Olivia Munn, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis star alongside Kyle Howard, Hayes MacArthur, and David Walton (who play their significant others) in this ensemble comedy.

HARRY’S LAW (Ben Chaplin is being recast) – Kathy Baker plays a former patent lawyer who connects with two people and starts practicing out of a shoe store. Brittany Snow stars as Bates’ assistant.

THE PAUL REISER SHOW – Paul’s semi-autobiographical sitcom follows stories based on his life!