What’s On? Monday, 5/10/10

Lots of new TV tonight as the season continues to wind down.  We only have 4 hours left with my darling Jack Bauer!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has another all new 2 hour episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS.  Over on CBS, catch all new episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is new.  On HIMYM, the friends crash an upscale party attended by prominent individuals and Ted tries to show off his brainier side.  On ROE, Audrey and Jeff head to Nebraska for her 20th high-school reunion to tell everyone about her successful life in NY.  Meanwhile, Russell inadvertently wreaks havoc at Timmy’s dinner party.

FOX has has an all new episode of HOUSE. House has a session with Dr Nolan and discusses the case of a woman who shows up at the hospital with an unknown illness and no memory of who she is.  NBC has an all new episode of CHUCK!  When Chuck experiences alarming nightmares, Beckman forces him to see a psychologist (Christopher Lloyd).  Meanwhile, Ellie receives big news, and Anna returns to the Buy More and reaches out to Morgan.  Over on The CW, there’s an all new ONE TREE HILL – Haley distances herself from Jamie and Nathan as she becomes more depressed.  Brooke views Julian’s full film.  Clay realizes he can’t ignore an unstable Katie and Quinn and Jame embark on a treasure hunt through town.

There’s another all new episode of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU on ABC Family.  Patrick implies that his relationship with Kat is nonexclusive, so she agrees to go on a date with Blank.  Meanwhile, Bianca regrets having Cameron and Dawn join her and Joey for a double date, and Walter takes a liking to the school counselor.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, DANCING WITH THE STARS continues until 10.  CBS has an all new TWO AND A HALF MEN and THE BIG BANG THEORY.  On 2.5, Alan plans a romantic night with his new girlfriend, hoping for more intimacy.  On TBBT, the arrival of a famous physicist has Sheldon and Leonard competing for her attention.

NBC has a rerun of LAW AND ORDER.  Suitcases full of cash and drugs are found during the investigation of a rich young woman’s death.  FOX an all new hour of 24.  Jack goes rogue to discover who is behind the day’s despicable events.  The CW has an all new GOSSIP GIRL. Serena makes it clear that her loyalties lie with her father, leaving Rufus feeling like an outsider.  Jenny tells Will something that puts Rufus’ marriage in jeoparty and Chuck thinks big while attempting to patch things up with Blair.  A&E has an all new INTERVENTION as well.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of CASTLE.  Castle and Demming view for Beckett’s attention as the two men scramble to solve a robbery-homicide case, each using their own unique methods.  CBS has an all new CSI: MIAMI.  The murder of a suburban soccer mom is investigated and the probe uncovers a dark secret within the victim’s family.  Meanwhile, Delko goes on an undercover mission.  LAW AND ORDER is all new on NBC – the death of a young socialite points Lupo and Bernard toward the victim’s cousin, and the ensuing investigation exposes a hefty inheritance, a secret romance, a fraudulent adoption and an unborn child. 

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY is all new on Bravo – family drama spins around Jacqueline’s daughter, and the Manzo family is divided over Lauren’s new boyfriend.  Meanwhile, Theresa and Danielle are both thrilled to hear that their daughters have been asked to take part in Fashion Week, as models.

Showtime has all new episodes of NURSE JACKIE and THE UNITED STATES OF TARA.  On JACKIE, teachers are suspicious when Fiona arrives at school with a split lip and a cast on her arm.  Harvey Fierstein gives an incredible performance as a man who sits by the bedside of his dying husband.  On TARA, Tara feels good about herself and her upcoming art show with Lynda.  A jealous Kate resorts to a controversial new business plan.  Marshall and LIonel get closer and Charmaine tries to find a middle ground for her and Neil.  Meanwhile, Max makes a momentous decision that could impact the whole family.