What’s On? Friday, 5/7/10

Ah sweeps…. what are you watching tonight?  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS better be one of your answers!!!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new WIFE SWAP.  Over on CBS, there’s an all new GHOST WHISPERER – Melinda helps the ghost of a boy who was kidnapped but her life is threatened in the process.

FOX has a repeat episode of HOUSE.  It’s the episode with the lockdown and Cameron returning to get Chase to “sign the divorce papers“, if you know what I mean…NBC finally has an all new episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!!! Coach Eric Taylor assembles his new team, the East Dillon Lions.  Tami tries to adapt to the new atmosphere at West Dillon, Matt deals with the realities of life as a townie, and Riggins struggles with college.  The CW has an all new episode of SMALLVILLE – Martha surprises Clark when she comes back to town with her boyfriend, Perry White (real life hubby and wife Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean).  Clark and Chloe search for the book of Rao which may help them stop Zod.  Lois and Perry run into trouble while researching a story on the Red Queen.

The 9:00 Hour –

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? airs the third season premiere on ABC.  The hidden camera series explores what people would do when placed in impossible situations with no right or wrong response.  MEDIUM is all new on CBS – Allison’s oldest daughter does the time warp when she begins losing years of time in her life, forcing her to try to get back to the present with the help of her future self.  FOX airs an all new KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. Gordon and co head to Fleming, a Danish eatery in Miami.  NBC has an all new two hour DATELINE NBC. The CW has a rerun of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL from Wednesday night where the ladies posed for a photo shoot with Tyra.

On HBO, the all new animated series THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW is on, followed a rerun of the season premiere of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM!  On Syfy, don’t miss an all new STARGATE UNIVERSE.  An expert in hyper drives who has a past with Rush arrives on Destiny via the communication stones when it seems the ship will run out of power before it reaches its next destination, which would leave the crew adrift.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC still has an all new 20/20.  CBS has an all new episode of MIAMI MEDICAL.  A cuban-heritage celebration turns violent.  Meanwhile, Eva cares for a teen left for dead outside the hospital.  DATELINE continues on NBC.

Starz has all new episodes of PARTY DOWN and GRAVITY!  On PD, Ron tries to get over his break up but has trouble dealing with it while catering an orgy.  Roman, meanwhile, tries to give advice on how to spice up the party and make it a night to remember.  On GRAVITY, Lily and Miller’s relationship reaches a more personal level and her dream of opening a vintage clothing store draws closer.  Jorge, meanwhile, takes a stab at stand-up comedy.

On Syfy tonight, find an all new MERLIN – in the conclusion from last week, the troll Catrina thrives as Camelot’s new queen and increases her influence over Uther.  She also accuses Merlin of theft, so he goes into hiding to avoid beheading.