What’s On? Wednesday, 5/5/10

Feliz Cinco de Mayo everyone!  It’s Cinco de Mayo and the 7th day of sweeps and another busy night of TV!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun and a new episode of THE MIDDLE.  Up first, it’s the episode where Mike gets tickets to the Final Four games, but can’t go because of a death in the family.  At 8:30, Frankie’s mom stops by and the moms feel put upon instead of pampered on Mother’s Day.  Meanwhile, Sue steals a motivational magnet and winds up feeling guilty about it.  On CBS, there is a new episode of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and a rerun of THE BIG BANG THEORY.  On CHRISTINE, New Christine goes into labor.  Old Christine believes there’s a prowler in her neighborhood so she convinces Matthew to stay with her.  On TBBT, Sheldon desperately wants to meet Stan Lee but due to a driving incident, he gets jail time instead.

FOX has a rerun of LIE TO ME – it’s the one where Cal and his daughter are in Mexico on vacation and they get roped into helping on a case.  NBC has a rerun of MINUTE TO WIN IT.  The CW has an all new episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL – the five remaining models have a 5-Frame photo challenge on the set of LORD OF THE RINGS and Tyra serves as photographer for the main shoot.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, catch all new episodes of MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN.  On MF, Gloria surprises Jay for his birthday with at rip to Hawaii, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving when the entire Pritchett clan is invited to go along.  On CT, Jules and Grayson throw around the idea of “friends with benefits”, Andy hires a nanny, and Bobby hatches an unusual money making scheme that yields dividends for Travis.  Over on CBS, CRIMINAL MINDS is all new.  A serial killer commits suicide and leaves clues identifying a person he abducted who could still be alive.

FOX has an all new episode of AMERICAN IDOL – another person is voted off and Lady Gaga performs.  NBC has an all new episode of MERCY.  Veronica and Chris must make a crucial game-changing decision in the wake of a friend’s visit.  Chloe worries about the health of her football playing boyfriend, and Briggs reconnects with his ex while worrying about his mob ties.  The CW has two all new episodes of FLY GIRLS.  The TAPS team investigates the Norwich State Hospital, a former mental health facility, on GHOSTHUNTERS on Syfy.  BBC America has an all new episodes of PEEP SHOW and THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB LOOK.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of HAPPY TOWN – a shaken Tommy reluctantly agrees to be sheriff and uncovers Jerry Friddle’s murderer.  Meanwhile, Henley is determined to access the boarding house’s forbidden third floor room.  CBS has an all new CSI: NY.  The CSIs investigate the underground world of hardcore fighting after a slab of concrete starts bleeding in midtown for no apparent reason.  LAW & ORDER: SVU is all new on NBC.  When a pregnant woman gets murdered, they discover a connection to an illegal adoption ring, so Benson and Stabler pose undercover as a married couple to get to the bottom of it!  It’s not officially coupledom, but I’ll take it!

On MTV, there’s an all new CHALLENGE: FRESH MEAT II – the competition forces two best friends to turn on each other, and Exile threatens a budding romance.  There are two all new episodes of Tyler Perry’s HOUSE OF PAYNE on TBS; on A&E, there are two new episodes of BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR.

There’s an all new episode of IN PLAIN SIGHT on USA. Mary helps a parolee and former bank and robber stay on the straight and narrow, while Marshall helps her with another witness who ends up preferring Marshall to Mary.  Bravo has an all new episode of TOP CHEF MASTERS.  The top 8 Master Chefs have a relay race to cook for the Quickfire, and then they have to handle the usual Wedding Wars that Top Cheftestants need to do every few seasons!