What’s On? Monday, 4/26/10

Kind of a slow Monday night – some old, some new.  What are you watching?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has another all new 1.5 hour episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS.  Over on CBS, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is a rerun and RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is new.  On HIMYM, we have Slapsgiving 2, where Lily’s dad comes for dinner.  On ROE, Jeff gives up hockey tickets to go to Audrey’s boss’ party, and spends the night avoiding knowing the score and at the game, Russell is embarrassed when Timmy roots for the visiting team.

FOX has has an all new episode of HOUSE. A woman in an open relationship (PRISON BREAK’s Sarah Wayne Callies) becomes ill during a date with her other love and House and his team find her lifestyle as perplexing as her illness.  Meanwhile, House tests Wilson’s relationship with Sam.  NBC has an all new episode of CHUCK!  An adventure awaits Chuck and Sarah in Europe when they encounter Spanish spies on a train.  They try to derail the spies’ agenda with a little help from the odd couple – Morgan and Casey.  Over on The CW, there’s an all new ONE TREE HILL – Haley tries to come to terms with her mother’s death as Nathan and Jamie spend the day bonding.  Brook and Julian get surprises, Clay is ambushed, and Skills uncovers what Mouth and Lauren have been hiding.

There’s another all new episode of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU on ABC Family.  Chastity steals Bianca’s song at the talent show, but she may need to drop out due to technical difficulties.  And Kat participates in Cameron’s magic show in an attempt to impress her dad.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, DANCING WITH THE STARS continues until 9:30, followed by an all new episode of ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED.  Rebecca meddles in Lisa’s love life, and Lisa finds a way to get payback.  When a girl causes Shawn to forget Perry after his gum surgery, Perry kicks him out of the apartment.   CBS has reruns of TWO AND A HALF MEN and THE BIG BANG THEORY!  On 2.5, Charlie learns he hasn’t been satisfying Chelsea.  On TBBT, to Leonard’s horror and Sheldon’s delight, Leonard’s mom (Christine Baranski) stops by for a visit.

NBC has an all new episode of TRAUMA.  Dispatch errors send medics to the wrong locations.  Boone plans a party for Tyler’s birthday, and Nancy considers the future of her relationship with Rabbit.  FOX an all new hour of 24.  Taylor enlists a private security firm led by Mark Bledsoe (DB Sweeney) to assist in the crisis.  Jack calls in a marker from an old friend Jim Ricker (Michael Madsen) during a crucial mission.  The CW has an all new GOSSIP GIRL. Serena’s father arrives in town.  Nate and Serena face issues, so Jenny takes it upon herself to comfort him.  Dan gets a rejection from the Tisch writing program and a confession from Vanessa.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of the CASTLE where a guy pretended he was an arctic explorer and then was killed on screen but not really killed on screen in front a kindergarten class.  CBS has a rerun of CSI: MIAMI where the body of a census worker is found in the trunk of someone’s car.  LAW AND ORDER is a rerun on NBC – the death of a mom who adopted 10 disabled kids kicks off a crazy investigation.  MTV has an all new TRUE LIFE.

Showtime has all new episodes of NURSE JACKIE and THE UNITED STATES OF TARA.  On JACKIE, Jackie tells Eddie to stop seeing Kevin; Coop gets named the “Face of All Saints” and O’Hara is pissed; O’Hara’s girlfriend comes back to town and they rekindle their relationship.  On TARA, a Tornado warning has the Gregsons, Charmaine, and two neighbors camping out in the basement to wait it out.  While down there, a little family therapy session happens thanks to Tara’s latest alter Shoshana.  This episode is one of my favorites of the season!

One comment

  • I would normally watch The Big Bang but I’m so sick of repeats that I refuse to patronize CBS. Not that it matters cause I don’t have a Nielsen box, but you know. Out of principle.

    I’ll probably watch United States Of Tara, see what’s going on there.