What’s On? Friday, 4/23/10

PARTY DOWN – that’s all I’ll say!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new WIFE SWAP.  Over on CBS, there’s a rerun of GHOST WHISPERER – Melinda helps one of Eli’s patients (Chad Lowe), who thinks his sister’s ghost is haunting him.  Meanwhile, Jim and Melinda are concerned when Aiden mentions new friends who are something other than ghosts.

FOX has a repeat episode of HOUSE.  This is the episode where a young woman passes out in a planetarium and it turns out she’s allergic to something rather interesting.  NBC has an all new episode of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Susan Sarandon researches her family history.  The CW has an all new episode of SMALLVILLE – The Blur’s picture is snapped while rescuing Lois from a gun-wielding Raymond Sacks, the former DA she was questioning about his early prison release.  While trying to intercept the sale of the photos, Lois and Clark run into Checkmate agent Maxwell Lord who is also hunting down The Blur’s identity.  Chloe figures out Zod’s secret.

The 9:00 Hour –

JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOLUTION airs the finale on ABC – Jamie returns to Huntington and he is discouraged to realize people have returned to their bad habits.  Meanwhile, Rascal Flatts joins Jamie for his final attempt to convince them to change.  MEDIUM is a rerun on CBS – the ghost of a former serial killer suspect reaches out to Allison to aid in solving the case.  FOX airs Tuesday night’s GLEE in all it’s entirety, so if you missed the incredible “Like a Prayer” at the end of the episode because AMERICAN IDOL ran over, now’s your chance to catch the whole thing!  NBC has an all new two hour DATELINE NBC. The CW has a rerun of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL from Wednesday night where the ladies posed in hair costumes.

On HBO, the all new animated series THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW is on, followed by THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM!  On Syfy, don’t miss an all new STARGATE UNIVERSE.  Rush defies orders to interface with the Destiny’s computer (and he talks to my buddy Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson in order to do so), in a bid to control the ship’s flight path, which puts Colonel Young in a difficult position.  Meanwhile, Scott, Greer, Eli, and Chloe explore a planet’s underground ruins.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC still has an all new 20/20.  CBS has an all new episode of MIAMI MEDICAL.  The team tries to save the lives of a couple who were injured when a balcony collapsed, but is baffled when the wife doesn’t want to be treated.  Also, a patient in possession of a large sum of money has everyone talking.  DATELINE continues on NBC.

Starz has the premiere of season 2 of PARTY DOWN along with the series premiere of GRAVITY!  On PD, Henry is now in charge of the team, after Ron’s departure in the finale.  Their latest event is the backstage party for Jackal Onassis (Jimmi Simpson) and it’s fantastic.  Megan Mullally fits right in with the cast, and Ron and Casey’s reintroductions to the team are hilarious.

On Syfy tonight, find an all new MERLIN – Gwen is kidnapped by Hengist who mistakes her for Morgana.  Arthur sets out to rescue her, and Gwen is reunited with Lancelot (also the prisoner of Hengist) while in captivity.

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