PARTY DOWN and GRAVITY start tonight on Starz

Just thought you might want to get a look at some of the pretty images Starz released for tonight’s all new premieres of PARTY DOWN and GRAVITY, starting at 10PM!

On PARTY DOWN, the team heads to Jackal Onassis’ (Jimmi Simpson) backstage party, now with Henry in charge and Ron MIA.  Constance left at the end of last season (to film GLEE…), and Megan Mullally has joined the cast as Lydia and she is a great addition!  Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr are genius as ever, and Lizzy Caplan is the best.  A brilliant premiere for a show that’s poised to hit the big time!

On GRAVITY, we follow the lives of a group of people brought together because they all survived suicide attempts.  There is an instant connection between Robert and Lilly (Ivan Sergei and Krysten Ritter) and Rachel Hunter (yes that Rachel Hunter) is quite funny as one of their group mates.  The show is a little slow to start and might be a bit of a downer following PARTY DOWN, but I think it’ll fare well for the network!

Follow the jump for some pretty images!