What’s On? Tuesday, 4/20/10

Once again, it’s all about LOST, GLEE (Madonna!!), and JUSTIFIED tonight!  What about you?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has another vote off episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS.  I will continue to hope that it’s Kate Gosselin.  CBS has a rerun of NCIS – Gibbs’ dad visits while the team investigates the death of a retired colonel who became a preacher.

FOX has an all new hour of AMERICAN IDOL – Alicia Keys mentors the top 7 as they sing inspirational songs.  NBC has an all new two hour episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER – the contestants compete to eat the most calories at a buffet.  Over on The CW, check out a rerun of 90210 – Naomi and Liam have a cozy evening on his boat.  Adrianna and Gia grow closer at an AA meeting.  Navid and Dixon plot to get rid of Jasper.  Debbie confronts Kelly about her feelings for Harry.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, there’s an all new episode of LOST!  The Locke monster’s camp merges with Jack’s and alliances are forged and broken.  LA segments focus on Jack!  CBS has a rerun of NCIS:LA – Callen uses an old alias to go undercover.

THE BIGGEST LOSER continues on NBC.  FOX has the Power of Madonna episode of GLEE!  It’s amazing you guys – when the boys are bullying the girls, Will turns to the power of Madonna to give the girls an ego boost.  Kurt and Mercedes give Sue a makeover.  The CW airs a rerun of LIFE UNEXPECTED – it’s the episode where Ryan and Cate pretend to be together for the sake of a wedding expo.  MILLION MATCHMAKER has an all new highlight special on Bravo.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has another all new episode of V.  Chad and Anna visit Geneva with Anna toting a technological gift to present at the UN Energy Summit.  Erica discovers the V Task Force is looking into the 5th column.  Trust issues and baby worries prompt Valerie to go on the run.  On CBS, catch a rerun episode of THE GOOD WIFE. It’s the one where Alicia defends a man who killed his wife, and even she thinks he is guilty.

NBC has an all new episode of PARENTHOOD.  Amber’s ex comes to town putting the family on high alert.  Zeek and Adam go on a road trip.  Julia and Joel worry that Sydney might have Asperger’s Syndrome.  Crosby wants to pitch in for Jabbar’s birthday party!

There’s another all new episode of 16 AND PREGNANT on MTV.  It’s the season finale!  9 BY DESIGN is all new on Bravo – the gang works on a 5-story Manhattan home.  They must put pressure on their construction crew to finish building before the family can move in.  WWE NXT is all new on Syfy.

JUSTIFIED is all new tonight on FX.  A Kentucky horse breeder is found dead from an apparent suicide and his art collection is missing.  As Raylan searches for the art, he must contend with the man’s widow, who won’t stop hitting on him.  On USA, there’s an all new episode of CRIMINAL INTENT.  The detectives investigate the death of a ballerina attending a prestigious conservatory in New York.