What’s On? Wednesday, 4/7/10

Some new shows, some old shows tonight – what are you watching?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has reruns of MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE.  On MF, it’s the episode with the dog butler, and Claire’s accusation that Luke download smut.  On THE MIDDLE, Brick’s injury leads to a visit from a social worker.  On CBS, there are all new episodes of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE!  On CHRISTINE, Christine wants to take Ritchie to Florida for a vacation, but plans go south, quickly.  On AOP, Zack is mad when Billie hires a nurse to help them prepare for the baby, without consulting him first.

FOX has an all new episode of HUMAN TARGET.  Chance is tapped to guard a British princess when her romance with an ordinary citizen makes her the target of an assassination plot.  NBC has an all new MINUTE TO WIN IT.  The CW has an all new episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL – the models poss with comedian Ross Matthews, and they visit the garment district of NYC.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, catch the Valentine’s Day reruns of both MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN.  Over on CBS, the backdoor pilot for the spinoff of CRIMINAL MINDS airs tonight – when Hotch and the team head to San Francisco to investigate the murders of homeless men, they work with another unit headed up by Forest Whitaker.

FOX has an all new episode of AMERICAN IDOL – one more person is kicked off.  NBC has a rerun of LAW & ORDER: SVU. Stabler works with Benson on a case, but his sons drug problems derail his focus.  The CW has all new episodes of FLY GIRLS and HIGH SOCIETY.  The TAPS team investigates Preston Castle in Ione, California, on GHOSTHUNTERS on Syfy.  BBC America has an all new episode of PEEP SHOW and THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB LOOK.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of UGLY BETTY – Hilda’s wedding presents RSVP choices for Betty, Ignacio, and Marc.  Justin considers his friendship with Austin.  Betty mulls a professional change, while Wilhelmina recruits an unlikely ally.  CBS has an all new episode of CSI: NY – a woman linked to an unsolved murder is found dead.  The evidence suggests suicide, but Stella pursues it as a homicide.  An all new episode of LAW & ORDER: SVU is on NBC – Benson and Stabler realize that they’ve misidentified a victim at a wedding when the presumed deceased is found alive.

SHEAR GENIUS on Bravo is all new – it’s the finale and the top 3 have to style 6 models for a fashion event.  SOUTH PARK and UGLY AMERICANS are all new on Comedy Central.  On MTV, there’s an all new premiere of REAL WORLD/ROAD RULE CHALLENGE: FRESH MEAT II – I’m sure it’ll be a shit show of crazies.  There are two all new episodes of Tyler Perry’s HOUSE OF PAYNE on TBS; on A&E, there’s an all new DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER followed by BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR.

BEING ERICA airs the second season finale on Soapnet.  Erica is desperate for direction as she faces big decisions in her career and love life.  Dr Tom adds a new slant to her sessions.  Also, catch an all new episode of DESTINATION TRUTH on Syfy where Josh and co investigate a haunted mining town, and look in another part of the world for the Taniwha.

There’s an all new episode of IN PLAIN SIGHT on USA. The first witnesses that Mary and Marshall ever placed are put in danger by a break in and flashbacks tell the tale of how Mary came to join WitSec.