What’s On? Tuesday, 3/30/10

We’ve got some old, some new tonight.  For me, it’s all about LOST tonight and probably nothing else!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has the first vote off episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS.  I hope it’s Kate Gosselin.  CBS has a rerun of NCIS – Vance’s family is in danger when an assassin from his past comes back to get him.

FOX has an all new two hour episode of AMERICAN IDOL – it’s R&B night for the top 10 and Usher is their mentor.  Much better than Miley Cyrus, am I right?  NBC has an all new two hour episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER – the teams are dissolved as the former competitors return to rejoin the competition.  Over on The CW, check out an all new episode of 90210 – Naomi makes a dangerous accusation against the new faculty leader of The Blaze; Dixon bonds with his bio-mom while Debbie gets closer to her yoga instructor who takes things too far; and Adrianna goes on her first official date with Gia and Teddy tries to make Silver jealous.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, there’s an all new episode of LOST!  While Sun and Jin continue to search for each other, the Locke monster faces his enemy.  I’m hearing that we’re going to have lots to talk about on Wednesday!  CBS has a rerun of the episode of NCIS:LA where a marine is killed by an exploding cell phone.

THE BIGGEST LOSER continues on NBC. FOX has hour two of AMERICAN IDOL.   The CW airs an all new episode of MELROSE PLACE – Ella learns she’s being framed for embezzlement at WPK and her search for the real culprit starts with Jo; Jane returns to confront Amanda about not firing Ella, and runs into her ex-hubby Michael; Michael blackmails Lauren, and Drew and Riley go on a sweet date.  SURVIVORS is all new on BBC America.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has the spring premiere of V.  Val’s pregnancy concerns Ryan; the Resistance recruits a dangerous new member; Anna is puzzled by Chad who hasn’t scheduled a follow up after his diagnosis; Erica gets attacked at home.  On CBS, catch a rerun of THE GOOD WIFE.  Alicia represents the state’s attorney’s wife in their divorce battle.  NBC has an all new episode of PARENTHOOD.  Drew helps Adam bond with Max, who rejoins the baseball team; Sarah gets chummy with Amber’s teacher; Crosby feels pressured to have another kid; Julia shows Sydney how to defend herself!

There’s another all new episode of 16 AND PREGNANT on MTV.  A young couple gets pregnant, and the family is not supportive.  MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER is all new on Bravo.  WWE NXT is all new on Syfy.

Don’t miss another all new episode of SOUTHLAND on TNT.  Gangsters take aim at a club and kill someone with ties to a cop; Sammy confronts his wife Tammy about taking pictures of gang members and things become heated between Sal and Gil!

JUSTIFIED is all new tonight on FX. Raylan hunts for an informant, while a pair of ex-convicts with violence on their minds hunt for Raylan!  LOVE this show!