SAVING GRACE Premieres Tonight!

When TNT announced that the next several episodes of SAVING GRACE were going to be the last, I was not happy.  I think that our GRACE has a whole lot of life left in her, and after watching tonight’s all new season premiere, I am more convinced of that than ever.  The episode is packed full of everything we’ve come to love.  The humor, the religion or spirituality, the “what is out there that I’m searching for” mentality that the characters all seem to face, it’s all there.

When we last left Grace, she was busy jumping off of a building with Neely, in an effort to prove that she believed in what Neely was seeing.  The premiere picks up right where we left them, with Grace and Neely being wheeled into the emergency room.  It picks up from there, adding some Earl wisdom, a great “Angel” bar, a skeevy “writer” that Grace meets along the way.  There’s drunk Grace, and spiritual Grace, and ready to finally embrace her relationship with God Grace.  Plus, we all get to see who Ham’s been dating to get his mind off our girl, and a some police work on the side.

You should definitely tune in – it’s never to late to enjoy the crazy world of Grace Hanadarko!

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