Ethan Peck and Lindsey Shaw talk 10 THINGS

You know that I’ve said on more than one occasion just how nervous I was about ABC Family turning one of my FAVORITE movies (10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU) into a TV show that didn’t have any of the same cast, aside from Larry Miller?  And I’m sure you’ve also heard me say by now how relieved I was after watching the first 10 episodes that it completely stands on its own as a charming show that’s not trying to copy off of the source material, but enhance it or pay homage to it.  I’m so glad that the show is starting back up tonight with a season premiere that’s funny, and sweet, and adorable, and I could go on with the adjectives, but why don’t I let two of the stars of the show, Ethan Peck (Patrick) and Lindsey Shaw (Kat) tell you all about it –

So we’re coming back with new episodes!  I’m very excited!
LS: Yeah!!

What can you tell people about what they can expect in the first episode, and beyond, this season?
EP:  Well!  The first episode of the back 10 of the first season picks up actually right where number 10 left off.  If you recall, Kat and Patrick had just walked out of a walk out from school because of the uniform policy that had just been announced.  Right?
LS: Yep!
EP:  And they don’t quite know what to do with themselves, so they kiss a little bit.  I guess you’ll have to tune in to see the rest!
LS: Mmhmm, mmhmm.  And that’s sort of a common theme through the entire season.
EP:  The kissing.
LS:  The whole makeout thing.  And it’s not just us.  It’s everybody!  And you know what, really the theme, we actually got the opportunity to watch some of the episodes that they’ve completed at our executive producer’s house, and the overwhelming theme for this season is the relationships.  Where they were growing them in the first season, now they’re in them.  Each sister has her respective boy that she’s kind of dealing with, and even Walter, Dad, has some relationships that he’s dealing with and giddy about.  It’s a really cool take on the season, and I think it really evolved nicely from the first.

Are we going to you guys get to interact with people beyond each other in this segment of episodes?
EP: Somewhat.  Not so much.  Just sort of brushing by in the hallways.  Patrick, his storyline, primarily, is with Kat.  You sort of..
LS:  He has this great scene with Larry…
EP:  OH right!
LS:  You had a couple of great scenes with Larry, actually.  And we kind of work with Nick [Braun, he plays Cameron] a lot more as well.  Yeah, you get to see the sisters take on more kind of a sisterly vibe towards one another.  That was really cool to share those scenes with Meaghan.  I’m working with Nick a lot.  We team up as this unlikely duo. Me ordering him around, and him cowering and just doing it.  The relationship with Patrick, obviously evolves.  He gets to the Stratford house, he sleeps over the Stratford house.
EP:  Getting down to business….
LS:  Getting down to business!  It’s great!

Why do you think people should be tuning into these episodes?
EP:  Oh man, because they’re great Amrie!
LS:  Because they’re so great.  They will make you laugh and feel good.
EP:  They’re well written, and they look great, thanks to the cinematography, and it’s just really well put together and made with a lot of care.
LS:  We really are intending to make something you guys like.  There’s no ego here.  We just want you guys to like it.  So, watch it because we did it for you!

Some people maybe worried about a stigma when they heard about the show at first – saying “oh 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU is a film everyone remembers!”  But the show itself has taken on its own life.   It’s a separate thing that is unique but pays homage to the original.
LS:  We have literally been working towards what you just said since we got the first script.  That was really our own intention.  To separate it and make it its own thing.  So thank you very much!
EP:  Yes, thank you!

You heard them!  Tune in to tonight’s all new premiere of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU at 8/7c on ABC Family!