IN PLAIN SIGHT starring Mary McCormack returns for season three on its new night, Wednesday, March 31 at 10/9c with guest star Donnie Wahlberg. IN PLAIN SIGHT also stars Frederick Weller, Nichole Hiltz and Paul Ben-Victor. Returning guest-stars for season three include Lesley Ann Warren, Cristian de la Fuente and Joshua Malina. Other season three guest stars will be Emmy winner Allison Janney (“The West Wing,” “Juno”); Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winner Rita Moreno (“Cane,” “The Guardian”), Steven Weber (“Wings,” “Studio 60”), Tess Harper (“No Country for Old Men,” “Breaking Bad”), and Josh Cooke (“Committed,” “Four Kings”).

Enter to win your own piece of IN PLAIN SIGHT* with a great gift pack valued at $130, provided to us by USA Network!

Winner will receive:

-In Plain Sight Canvas Travel Bag
-In Plain Sight Luggage Tag
-In Plain Sight T-Shirt
-In Plain Sight Season 1 DVD
-In Plain Sight Season 2 DVD

To enter, watch the video preview of this season’s premiere, and tell us what guest star you’re most excited for from the list above (personally?  Donnie Wahlberg, for sure)!

*The giveaway is open to US Residents 18 years or older!

Winner will be chosen at random on Tax Day, April 15, and notified via email!


  • Out of the 3 choices they gave, I guess it’s between Nun From Oz, some woman from West Wing, and that guy who killed Bruce Willis. I guess I would go with Donnie Wahlberg.
    Great prize pack… I’ve been waiting on a price drop for the season 1 DVD forever–so this would be quite a price drop–plus since I acted so quickly you’ll throw in Season 2 for free…but wait, there’s more….

  • Definitely would have to be Donnie Wahlberg since I never watched The West Wing and I have no idea who that other woman is. I haven’t watched In Plain Sight before, so this prize pack would give me the perfect opportunity to finally see what all the buzz is about. Hope I win…Thanks!

  • I am not really familiar with any of those guest actors so I can’t say I am particularly excited for any of them. I am sure they will all be great though and I am extremely excited for In Plain Sight to be back!

  • Margaret

    Rita Moreno is a fabulous actress. I look forward to seeing her.

  • Keria

    I am a huge Donnie Wahlberg, so I will be tuning in, and from the preview the show looks really good, so I may keep watching the show.

  • Caitlin

    Steven Weber

  • Emily H.

    I’m most excited for Allison Janney!

  • Kara

    Tough call – Donnie Wahlberg is a good actor, but Allison Janney is also pretty awesome. I”m just excited that the show is coming back.

  • I’m looking forward to the Steven Weber episode!

  • Anna Minor

    Steven Weber!

  • Don Wallace

    My favorite is Allison Janney from “West Wing”….the thought of another WW reunion is awesome !

  • Victoria

    I’m most excited about Allison Janney definitely. I love “In Plain Sight” it’s one of my favorite TV shows.

  • jen

    love me some NKOTB 🙂

  • Suzi

    I can honestly say that i have only seen commercials for this TV.. But with Donnie on the season Premiere…I Cant wait to start watching.. Seeing him on my TV screen is the best part of a Wed night!!

  • Tiffany T.

    Besides Cristian de la Fuente and Josh Malina as returning guest stars, I’m looking forward to Allison Janney! I love that a ton of West Wing actors are finding themselves over at USA Network.

  • Suspiria

    Rita Moreno.

  • ML

    I am sooo excited for Allison Janney, she is cool. Hope she has scenes with Mary!

  • Jenna

    I’m excited for Donnie Wahlberg b/c he’s the only one of the list who i know. Also, seeing him means I’ll be watching the premiere, which i have been anxious for since august!

  • Emily R

    I thought Donnie Wahlberg was a great guest star to get the season rolling in the right direction. I am also a fan of Allison Janney and can’t wait to see her on IPS!

  • Jordyne

    Donnie Wahlberg 🙂

  • Nettie

    Donnie Wahlberg without a doubt!