What’s On? Wednesday, 3/24/10

There’s a good chunk of new TV tonight – perfect way to unwind from an already stressful week!!!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC airs a rerun of MODERN FAMILY and an all new episode of THE MIDDLE.  Up first on MODERN FAMILY, Mitchell tries to convince Jay that one of Jay’s oldest friends is gay.  On THE MIDDLE, Amy Sedaris (love her) guest stars as a motivational consultant at Frankie’s dealership.  While Frankie works late, Mike has his hands full at home with the three awesomest kids ever.  Over on CBS, catch an all new, special Wednesday episode of SURVIVOR.  Boston Rob and Russell target each other for elimination; Rob doesn’t realize Russell has the Idol.  Also, they tribes face a double elimination!

FOX has an all new episode of HUMAN TARGET.  Chance is smitten with the daughter of a boxing champ while in Vienna, and he needs to get in the ring to save the day.  Grace Park guest stars.  NBC has an all new episode of MERCY!  Veronica faces up to her post traumatic stress disorder, siding with Briggs on a case, and going against Sands in the process.  Chloe treats a football player, and Sonia treats two hip folks who give her insight into her romantic life.  The CW has an all new episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL – Toccara tests the models’ fashion knowledge and the photo shoot has a dance theme.  Meanwhile, someone wants to quit at judges’ panel.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, catch all new episodes of MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN.  On MODERN FAMILY, Jay and Mitchell make plans to star gaze, and while they’re occupied, Cameron and Gloria spend some time together.  On COUGARTOWN, Grayson is pursued by a wine rep, played by Sheryl Crowe, while Andy hates Bobby’s new dog, and Jules vows to go without wine for a month, to prove she can to Ellie.  Over on CBS, check out a rerun of CRIMINAL MINDS – Gavin Rossdale plays a goth rocker whose tour schedule is followed along by a serial killer.

FOX has an all new episode of AMERICAN IDOL – one more person is kicked off.  NBC has a rerun of LAW & ORDER: SVU. Sarah Paulson guest stars as a victim’s daughter, and Naveen Andrews is there, too!  The CW has the series premiere of FLY GIRLS, following the lives of flight attendants on Virgin America flights.  That’s followed by a new episode of HIGH SOCIETY – Tinsley plots against Topper and Devorah (remember her from that show on Bravo?) schemes to move up in the world.  The TAPS team investigates Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, and Stephen Crane’s house in Asbury Park on GHOSTHUNTERS on Syfy.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of UGLY BETTY – as Betty gets ready to have her braces removed (finally), she is taken to an alternate universe where she never had them to start with.  She’s kindreds with Wilhelmina as a result, and it’s not a pretty picture.  CBS has a rerun of CSI: NY – Skeet Ulrich is around long enough to kill his third victim as the Compass Killer.  An all new episode of LAW & ORDER: SVU is on NBC – Benson and Stabler investigate the assault of a disabled woman who can’t speak.  The suspects are family members played by Jill Scott and Quinton Aaron from THE BLIND SIDE.

SHEAR GENIUS on Bravo is all new – the leftover stylists must utilize a tool, style, and inspiration chosen by their opponents, while everyone must reinvent iconic movie looks.  On MTV, you have another episode of THE REAL WORLD: DC – AMike’s boyfriend tanner visits and Josh’s band gets their first big gig.  There are two all new episodes of Tyler Perry’s HOUSE OF PAYNE on TBS; on A&E, there’s an all new DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER followed by BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR.

BEING ERICA continues on Soapnet.  Dr Tom returns to the past and has an epiphany about relationships.  Also, catch an all new episode of DESTINATION TRUTH on Syfy – Josh and the team investigate the Ghosts of the Great Wall in China, with the help of some TAPS members; they also investigate mermaid sightings.