PARENTHOOD premieres tonight!

Don’t forget to set your DVRs for tonight’s all new premiere episode of PARENTHOOD on NBC –

PARENTHOOD is about the close knit Braverman clan who welcomes one of their own back to town with open arms.

Craig T Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia play Zeek and Camille, parents to Sarah (Lauren Graham), Adam (Peter Krause), Julia (Erika Christensen), and Crosby (Dax Shepherd).  Sarah has two kids – Drew and Amber (Miles Heizer and Mae Whitman).  Adam is married to Kristina (Monica Potter), and has two kids as well – Max and Haddie (Max Burkholder and Sarah Ramos).  Julia is married to Joel Graham (Sam Jaegar) and they have an ADORABLE daughter Sydney (played by Savannah Paige Rae).  Crosby rounds out the bunch – he’s sort of kind of engaged to Marguerite Moreau’s Katie but there’s a big shocker in store for him!

The first hour deals with Sarah’s return home, her return to dating, and the family relationships that grow out of struggles.  Julia is also struggling with being a working mother whose daughter might hate her, and Crosby is just trying to survive the relationships he’s in.  Peter Krause and Monica Potter OWN this episode as they realize something might be wrong with their son, and the cool and trying to be cool Amber and Haddie are one of my favorite dynamics immediately (because I love both Whitman and Ramos).

Definitely worth watching for the quality of the acting and directing alone – I think it’s going to be a big hit!

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  • Brianne

    I loved every minute of it – great family dynamics with comedy thrown in at the perfect times. (like when Max gets a bloody nose and Craig T. Nelson says “he was in my zone” about his grandson and then Bonnie Bedelia (Craigs wife on the show) says “grandpa’s an idiot”! It was so funny and rang true because they were so natural and believable. I LOVED the little girl and I LOVED the teenage boy when he was crying in the rain. The part that made me cry was when Peter Krause’s wife says “Don’t make me be alone with this”. Can’t wait for next week!