What's On? Tuesday, 2/16/10

The Olympics continue to hold most of the networks captive – let’s see what’s on tonight!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of last week’s LOST – we get a little bit of the flash sideways life of Kate!  CBS has a rerun of NCIS – a marine’s death on foreign soil has Ziva confronting her own past.

FOX has an all new two hours episode of AMERICAN IDOL – more Hollywood Week stories – sounds like we’re actually going to hear about some of the top 24 tomorrow night, instead of waiting until Wednesday.  NBC has the Olympics all night – look for men’s short program figure skating, women’s snowboard cross, speedskating, and women’s downhill.  Over on The CW, check out a repeat of 90210 – it’s the episode where Kelly struggles with her feelings towards her dying mother.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, there’s an all new episode of LOST!  John Locke seeks help to support his cause.  Doesn’t it feel like something has to happen this season on LOST to make all of the years we’ve put into the show worth it?  I need to stop expecting something that they’re not going to give me, I guess!  CBS has a rerun of NCIS:LA – a murdered Russian woman leads to evidence about why Callen was gunned down.

The Olympics continue on NBC – I’m voting for Evan Lysacek in the men’s skating, what about you?.  FOX has hour two of AMERICAN IDOL – I’m really enjoying Ellen as a judge (even though I said I wasn’t ever going to watch AI again).   The CW airs a repeat of MELROSE PLACE – the one where Heather Locklear comes back and wreaks havoc.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of the forgotten – a 40 year old woman is found near a bar and the investigation leads to a child and a star basketball player.  On CBS, catch a rerun of THE GOOD WIFE.  Alicia defends a scientist accused of arson.  NBC has the Olympics.

Check out two all new episodes of PARANORMAL COPS on A&E.  There’s the long awaited season 2 premiere of 16 AND PREGNANT (at least by me) on MTV.  A couple in a long distance relationship gets pregnant and the guy wants nothing to do with the baby.  You can also find a new episode of MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Bravo – Patti struggles with a stubborn client, but her second one more than makes up for it by being almost the perfect guy.

Don’t miss another great episode of SOUTHLAND on TNT.  Now’s your chance to get all caught up on SOUTHLAND!  Another great episodes airs tonight – Ben gets emotionally attached to a victim of a BelAir home invasion while Bryant takes Janilla into his home to keep her safe while awaiting the trial for which she is a witness.