What's On? Monday, 2/15/10

A lot of shows are taking the night off to give the ratings to the Olympics but you should DEFINITELY be watching LIFE UNEXPECTED!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of THE BACHELOR – Jake the last three ladies head to St Lucia and pretend for 2 hot seconds that they’re not going to use the overnight fantasy suite.  Rumor has it Ali gives a little call!  Over on CBS, there are reruns – on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Barney tries to convince Robin to get a dual citizenship between Canada and the US.  On ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, Zack gets jealous when Billie dates a coworker played by the never not charming David Sutcliffe.

FOX has rerun of HOUSE – a teenager comes in with swollen limbs but won’t give the full story of what she was up to.  NBC has the Olympics – tonight’s events include the Pairs final in figure skating, snowboard cross, men’s downhill, and the 500m final in short track.  Over on The CW, catch an all new episode of ONE TREE HILL – Nathan and Jamie help Haley with Lydia and Brooke and Julian work on their relationship.

There’s a new episode of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER on ABC Family – Amy finds out that her parents are remarrying and Ben realizes he’s still in love with Amy!  Meanwhile, Ruben finds out that Ricky kissed Amy.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, THE BACHELOR: ON THE WINGS OF LOVE continues until 10.  CBS has rerun eps of TWO AND A HALF MEN and THE BIG BANG THEORY.  On 2.5, Alan takes care of Judith’s baby and drunk mother.  Over on TBBT, Raj needs a new job, and Sheldon offers to let him work for him.

NBC has more of the Olympics.  FOX airs an all new hour of 24.  Jack’s undercover mission has his coworkers worried about his safety.  The CW has the next all new episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED.  In an effort to make friends at school, Lux throws  a a party at Baze’s loft and Cate worries that her relationship with Lux will never be the same as that with her dad!  Over on ABC Family, an all new MAKE IT OR BREAK IT has Emily finding out that her mom is dating Lo’s dad, and Payson sees a back specialist.  There’s also an all new episode of INTERVENTION on A&E.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of CASTLE.  An ADA is murdered, but Castle worries about a battered call girl!  CSI: MIAMI is a rerun – Laurence Fishbourne makes the rounds of the CSIs in this crossover episode.  The Olympics continue on NBC.

GREEK is all new on ABC Family – Casey meets a political aide (guest star Sam Page) and thinks about a career in politics.  Cappie isn’t ready to discuss post college life yet.  Rusty gets his picture taken for an engineering magazine.  On FX, there’s an all new episode of DAMAGES! Patty grills Louis Tobin while Joe needs to make a decision to determine his family’s future!  KELL ON EARTH is all new on Bravo – after a series of mishaps at Fashion Week, Kelly must re-evaluate one employee’s future at the agency.

Showtime has another episode SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL and TRACEY ULLMAN’S STATE OF THE UNION. On SDOACG, Belle’s relationship with Duncan takes an interesting turn for the reomantic as Belle struggles with the relationship between Ben and Jackie.  Bambi’s new boyfriend causes a problem for Belle.  On TRACEY, she plays a Caribbean caregiver who was negatively impacted by the Madoff scheme!  They’re followed up at 11 by another ep of LALA LANDHOARDERS is all new on A&E.  MTV has a new episode of THE BURIED LIFE and MY LIFE AS LIZ.  On TBL, the boys enter a Krump competition and try to get an ex gang member’s rap song on the radio; on LIZ, Liz gets invited to Taylor’s “Anything But Clothes” party and things take an interesting turn.

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE is all new on TNT.  Joe sees his son struggling, so he makes a huge bet to try to buy a new house.  Terry gets a part in a B-movie, and Owen’s dad puts Marcus in charge when he decides to cut back his hours.