What's On? Friday, 2/12/10

I’m probably only watching the Opening Ceremonies tonight – what about you?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC is airing SPIDERMAN 2.1 (the DVD release of SPIDERMAN) for the full three hours.  Over on CBS, there’s a rerun of SURVIVING SURVIVOR from last week.

FOX has a repeat episode of HOUSE.  A hardliving detective who has no signs of heart disease starts having trouble. NBC is the place to be tonight with the OPENING CEREMONIES of the Winter Olympics!!  I love the parade of nations, don’t you?  The CW has an all new episode of SMALLVILLE – Clark runs into an old friend, the magician named Zatanna and Lois gets jealous.

The 9:00 Hour –

SPIDERMAN continues on ABC.  UNDERCOVER BOSS‘ premiere reruns on CBS.  KITCHEN NIGHTMARES is a rerun on FOX.  Ramsay heads to Fiesta Sunrise in West Nyack, NY.  NBC continues with the OPENING CEREMONIES.  What Olympians are you most excited for?  I can’t wait to see Apolo, Shaun, Evan (all pictured), and other than that, I don’t really know anyone else!  The CW has a rerun of SMALLVILLE where the gang first meets Zatanna and causes Chloe and Lois to switch bodies after Chloe wishes she was more like Lois for her birthday.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC still has SPIDERMAN.  CBS has a rerun of NUMB3RS – the sixth season begins with a sniper targeting a high profile activist and Charlie seeking out an answer to his proposal to Amita.  NBC has the OPENING CEREMONIES to end the night.

Starz has an all new episode of SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND!  After Spartacus surrenders to Crixus, Batiatus gets his revenge by having Spartacus fight down in the “pits of the earth” where people wear each others’ skin as masks.  Meanwhile, Crixus has a little crush on a slave girl and it’s a sweet little story.

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