What's On? Wednesday, 2/10/10

There’s a whole lot of new TV tonight, including the first episode of MERCY with James VanDerBeek in tow!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC airs a CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE and a genius new episode of THE MIDDLE.  It’s Valentine’s Day at the Heck household, and everyone’s got great plans.  Axel continues to rise to the top of my favorite kids on TV – he has some seriously genius exchanges in tonight’s episode that I was dying about!  In other news, Sue has a party and the visual of her outfit alone, genius!  Also, Brick gets invited to a sleepover and Frankie and Mike try to make the most of a kid-less evening!  Over on CBS, catch all new episodes of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and GARY UNMARRIED.  On CHRISTINE, as Richard and New Christine await the arrival of their new baby, Old Christine decides she wants Richard to get her pregnant; on GARY, he wants to outdo Sasha on Valentine’s Day, which I’m sure goes over well.

FOX has an all new hour of HUMAN TARGET – Chance helps a DA whose investigation of a case with mob ties has put her in danger. NBC has an all new episode of MERCY – now that Veronica and Chris are going to try their hand at a real relationship, they plan a date, and it’s interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, while Chloe and Angel are temporarily reassigned to the ER thanks to Van Der Beek’s Briggs!  Check out a rerun of LIFE UNEXPECTED on The CW – when Lux gets suspended for selling Baze’s bong lamp, Cate gets involved and things go from bad to worse!

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, catch an all new episode of MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN.  On MODERN FAMILY, Jay and Gloria go to a comedy show, Claire and Phil try to spice up their love life, and Cameron and Mitchell plan to set Manny up on a date!  On an awesome new COUGARTOWN, Laurie meets Smith’s dad, who is involved with Andy through work.  Jules frets over a Valentine’s Day alone, and tries to recruit Grayson to keep her company, while she and Bobby stand firm on their parenting to keep Travis from attending a drunken party.  Over on CBS, check out an all new episode of CRIMINAL MINDS, featuring a serial killer who kills in public to cause widespread panic.

FOX has an all new hour of AMERICAN IDOL.  Hollywood night 2 has the dreaded group performances!  NBC has a rerun of LAW AND ORDER: SVU.  Scott Foley guest stars as a man who wakes up next to a dead woman and can’t remember why.   The CW airs a rerun of the Lady Gaga episode of GOSSIP GIRLGHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL is all new on Syfy with a trip to the Costa Rica’s San Lucas Prison.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC airs an all new episode of the soon to be gone UGLY BETTY.  Even though Wilhelmina is slighted during NY Fashion Week, Betty tries to make of the opportunity when she finds a great new designer to watch!  In other news, Claire’s son comes in from South Dakota fora visit.  CBS has an all new CSI: NY that has the team investigating the death of a race car driver, and Danica Patrick guest stars as the suspect!  LAW & ORDER: SVU is a rerun on NBC.  An accused child rapist seeks amnesty by offering to give up the leader of a civil rights group who advocates for adult/teen relationships.

SHEAR GENIUS has an all new episode that finds the stylists facing a color repair challenge, and then they need to pick a style based on a hotel’s tasting menu!  On MTV, you have another episode of THE REAL WORLD: DC – Ashley and Erika butt heads and one roommate considers leaving DC.  In other news, a date with a guy has Mike confused about his sexuality.  On FX, an all new NIP/TUCK has Christian, Sean, Matt, and Liz spilling their secrets in therapy.  TBS also has new two new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS.  TNT has an all new episode of LEVERAGE – in the first episode of the 2 hour season finale, the team works to scam a crooked mayor by using his favorite pasttime of baseball!  Season 2 of BEING ERICA continues on Soapnet.  Erica revisits a summer spent in Taipei, Taiwan.

Don’t miss an all new episode of PSYCH on a new night on USA – when the former love of Juliet’s life goes missing, she enlists Gus’ help to track him down.  Through the course of the investigation, a deep dark secret is unearthed!