What's On? Sunday, 2/7/10

SUPERBOWL Sunday ladies and gents! I will admit that I’m only watching for the commercials; what about you?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC is airing a night of comedy reruns.  The first hour features MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE.  On MODERN FAMILY, it’s the episode where Manny is an excellent fencer and Claire and Mitchell do a little ice skating performance!  On THE MIDDLE, Frankie is jealous of a “perfect family” and tries to turn her kids into the perfect children.  CBS has the SUPERBOWL!  The Saints versus the Colts – who do we think is going to win? NBC has the second hour of THE BIGGEST LOSER premiere from earlier this season.  FOX has reruns of THE SIMPSONS and THE CLEVELAND SHOW.  On THE SIMPSONS, Bart wants a brother.  On CLEVELAND, Cleveland dresses as Santa for work.

The 9:00 Hour –

ABC has two more comedy reruns: MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN.  On this ep of MODERN FAMILY, a hole is burnt into Phil and Claire’s couch, and they blame one of the kids for smoking.  On COUGARTOWN, it’s Jules’ birthday, so the ladies ban together and celebrate!  CBS has hour two of the SUPERBOWL.  NBC has the second episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER from this season – one half of the pairs become the teachers; the other, students.  FOX has rerun episodes of FAMILY GUY and AMERICAN DAD.  On FAMILY GUY, Lois’ dad is in a coma and not even Dr House can help (Hugh Laurie guest voices).  Francine is kidnapped on AMERICAN DAD.

HBO has another all new episode of BIG LOVE.  Bill works to secure backing for his election.  Nicki works on the campaign, and Frank shows up on the compound unannounced.  PBS has the conclusion of Masterpiece Theatre: EMMA starring Romola Garai as the title character and Johnny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley!

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has two great rerun episodes of MODERN FAMILY.  Up first, the Fizbo episode where Cameron is a clown; second, the episode where Benjamin Bratt stops inas Manny’s awesome dad.  After the SUPERBOWL and post show game, check out the premiere of CBS’ newest reality series, UNDERCOVER BOSS.  CEOs go undercover as the lowest workers on the totem pole, and get a new understanding of their companies.  NBC has hour two of THE BIGGEST LOSER.