LOST Countdown – TOMORROW!

Oh my god you guys it’s almost here! Do I sound like a crazy fan girl, because I don’t intend to.  Okay, maybe I intend to a little bit, but there are so many questions I want answered, and I don’t even know where to start.  Our friends at Ask.com pulled together a list of the top 10 questions that LOST fans have been typing into their search engine over the years, and I have definitely wondered the answer to most of these at one time or another!

Top “Lost” Questions from Ask.com

1. What’s the monster on LOST?
2. What do the numbers mean on the show LOST?
3. When will the new season of LOST start?
4. Is this really the last LOST season?
5. Where is LOST filmed?
6. What happened to Claire?
7. Is Kate with Sawyer or Jack?
8. What is the nickname Sawyer gave Kate?
9. What’s the name of the song that made Charlie famous?
10. What’s the best episode of LOST?
Source: Ask.com

Now for today’s clip?  The super-spoilery clip that aired during last night’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  I didn’t watch the clip, I don’t intend to, because I want to remain spoiler free, but follow the jump, if you dare, for a look at what’s to come!

Don’t spoil me in the comments, but what do you think??

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