LOST Countdown – 5 days to go!

Here we are, 5 days from the premiere, and I have to say that the best idea the writers of this show ever had was to convince ABC to include very very little footage of Season 6 in their promos because I have NO IDEA what is going to happen (completely spoiler-free on LOST for the first time since the pilot, honestly), and I’m so excited about it!

Today’s LOST countdown features a recap in song and a transit map of the island, courtesy of our friend John Cabrera.

First up – Ingrid Michaelson (one of my faves; check out “Keep Breathing”…to die for), at a show last night, did a little 60 second recap in song:

Secondly – John Cabera spent some time doing a little map related research into the island, and he came up with a little transit map for locations on this crazy place! Read the full story here or click on the map for a direct bounce to his site!  I’m so in awe – every time I look at this, I find something new.

So excited for Season 6!!!