GREEK is back tonight!

Mondays at 10 just got a whole lot more interesting.  Not only does the incredible season premiere of DAMAGES start on FX at that time; the fantastic new season of GREEK premieres, giving ABC Family a foot in the door of 10PM counter programming.  When we last left our friends at Cyprus Rhodes, the girls of ZBZ had maybe possibly, probably set fire to the Gamma Psi house; Dale and Rusty’s relationship was faltering, thanks in large part to a grant they were both competing to win.  Thanks to Evan and the Omega Chis, select members of Kappa Tau were expelled.  Calvin was in a serious but secret relationship with his roommate and “brother”, Grant, and Cappie and Casey were back on track.  Oh, and remember that secret kiss that Becks and Evan shared?

The season premiere picks up three weeks later, at the start of the new semester.  All of the loose ends from the finale are tied up in a crooked little bow by the end of the premiere tonight, and I have to say that I definitely had tears in my eyes when I laid eyes on one particular scene at the Fairytale Ball the gang attends.  Gorgeous!

In celebration of tonight’s premiere, spend some time in a live TweetChat with GREEK’s creator Sean Smith. Sean will be taking over the official Twitter page for Greek starting at 7PM Eastern!  Submit your questions to @ABCFgreek and use the #greekchat hashtag!

GREEK premieres tonight at 10/9c on ABC Family!