What's On? Tuesday, 1/19/10

I implore you, watch BETTER OFF TED tonight, PLEASE!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of SCRUBS and BETTER OFF TED to fill the hour.  On SCRUBS, Turk looks for a new bro since JD stopped working at the med school.  On BETTER OFF TED, Linda sells her first children’s book and Lem deals with the lawyer.  CBS has a rerun of NCIS – a murder case is reopened when the blogger who accused NCIS of covering up the murder is killed.

FOX has an all new episode of AMERICAN IDOL – the auditions head to Chicago.  NBC has an all new episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER: COUPLES where one team member learns exercise tips and must teach them to their partner.   Over on The CW, check out a repeat of 90210 – this is the episode where Adrianna and Navid break up.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, another hour of great comedy with an all new SCRUBS and BETTER OFF TED – at 9, one of the students cheats, and they all get in trouble for it; on BETTER OFF TED, Ted has to seduce a powerful German executive.  CBS has a rerun of NCIS:LA – the team investigates the death of a marine who fell from a roof.

THE BIGGEST LOSER continues on NBC.  FOX has a rerun of the HUMAN TARGET premiere.  If you missed it Sunday, check it out tonight!  The CW airs a repeat of MELROSE PLACE – the episode where David almost uncovers Lauren’s secret at the yacht party.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of the forgotten – the team investigates the death of a woman in a warehouse; turns out she may have been a felon who was wrongly imprisoned.  On CBS, a rerun of THE GOOD WIFE has Alicia and Peter sharing a conjugal visit in separate beds.  Leno is all new on NBC.

Check out an all new episode of PARANORMAL STATE on A&E.  There’s another new episode of TEEN MOM on MTV – Amber decides once again that she doesn’t want to live with Gary, and Farrah decides she wants to move out of the house.  Farrah, who is going to take care of your baby if you don’t live with your parents?  You can also find a new episode of MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Bravo – Patti’s back and looking fierce!

Don’t miss the second episode from Season 1 of SOUTHLAND on TNT.  This is the episode where Regina King’s character finds and cares for a baby as they search for its mother.  Over on USA, check out the all new Winter premiere of WHITE COLLAR.  Find out what happens after that Peter and Kate confrontation in the finale!

One comment

  • Have you ever seen “The Ratings Game” (also called “The Mogul” on DVD)? We need to find the Nielsen families, get them out of their homes and tune their TVs to Better Off Ted!