What's On? Wednesday, 1/13/10

Lots of new episodes to check out tonight – what are you watching?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC airs a rerun of MODERN FAMILY and an all new episode of THE MIDDLE – up first, the episode with the BBQ at Jay and Gloria’s, after Manny and Luke get in a fight at school.  On THE MIDDLE, Brick runs for class historian, and Mike finds dinosaur bones at the quarry.  Over on CBS, check out an all new episode of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and GARY UNMARRIED.  On CHRISTINE, Erick McCormack is back and Christine tells him she loves him.  On GARY, Gary thinks Tom is hanging with a bad crowd.

FOX has an hour and a half of AMERICAN IDOL. NBC has an all new episode of one of my newest guilty pleasures, MERCY!  Veronica cares for three college kids with meningitis and Michael Imperioli guest stars!   Check out a rerun of ONE TREE HILL on The CW – Nathan and Haley get ready to move.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, there’s all new episodes of MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN.  On MODERN FAMILY, Jay’s friend is gay, at least according to Cameron and Manny’s date gets a makeover from Gloria!  On COUGARTOWN, Jules and Scott get closer, and Ryan Devlin sticks around for a relationship with Lori!  CBS has an all new episode of CRIMINAL MINDS – the team investigates a serial killer who targets specific women.

LAW AND ORDER: SVU is all new on NBC – both Sarah Paulson and Naveen Andrews guest star!  FOX has the last half hour of AMERICAN IDOL followed by a rerun of THE SIMPSONS (the 450th episode).  The CW airs a rerun of Gina Torres’ first episode as Vanessa’s mother on GOSSIP GIRL. GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL is all new on Syfy with a trip to Eden Hotel, in La Falta, Argentina.  There are two new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS on TBS.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of UGLY BETTY featuring Fisher Stevens as Betty’s new therapist, and Daniel begins to doubt Marc’s motives as his assistant.  CBS has an all new episode of CSI: NY that has DB Sweeney pitted against Mac’s team in the investigation of a brutal stabbing.  LENO is new on NBC.

LAUNCH MY LINE is all  new on Bravo – the designers need to make a three piece suit.  On MTV, you have another episode of THE REAL WORLD: DC – Ty falls deeper for Emily!  NIP/TUCK focuses on a guy in a coma that needs some plastic surgery, and a model that they try to talk out of too much surgery.  TBS also has new two new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS.  TNT has the all new winter season premiere of LEVERAGE set in the backdrop of a high fashion world.