What's On? Tuesday, 1/12/10

You have 2 chances to watch the best show you’re not watching tonight – BETTER OFF TED has 2 episodes tonight!!!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of SCRUBS and an all new BETTER OFF TED to fill the hour.  On SCRUBS, JD and Turk hook Denise and Drew up.  On BETTER OFF TED, after a corporate memo inadvertently contains a curse word, the Veridian team takes up profanity.  Chris Parnell guests.  CBS has an all new episode of NCIS – Tony’s dad has a connection to the assassination attempt on a prince.

FOX has the season 9 premiere of AMERICAN IDOL – two hours of auditions.  NBC has an all new episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER: COUPLES.   Over on The CW, check out a repeat of 90210 – the episode where Sasha finds out Dixon’s real age and Silver sees Jackie at an AA meeting.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, another hour of great comedy with an all new SCRUBS and BETTER OFF TED – at 9, JD and Elliot face being parents (Zach Braff guest stars); on BETTER OFF TED, Kyle Bornheimer as Ted’s workplace rival, and Veronica sets out to sabotage him.  CBS has an all new NCIS:LA – Callen goes under cover as an old alias.

THE BIGGEST LOSER continues on NBC.  FOX has the second hour of AMERICAN IDOL auditions.  The CW airs a repeat of MELROSE PLACE – Ella is questioned about Syd’s death and Jonah finds the necklace that he thinks David stole!

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new episode of the forgotten – the team investigates the death of a naturalized citizen who was part of medical testing.  On CBS, an all new episode of THE GOOD WIFE has Alicia defending a doctor who prescribed pills that caused a QB to overdose.  Leno is all new on NBC.

Check out an all new hour of PARANORMAL STATE on A&E.  There’s another new episode of TEEN MOM on MTV – Farrah finally starts behaving like a responsible mother to Sophia.  You can also find a new episode of TABITHA’S SALON TAKEOVER on Bravo – it’s the season 2 finale!