CHUCK is back!! You must watch the Season 3 Premiere!

With all of the great mid season shows that we’re getting this spring, one stands out above all the rest as the one you absolutely MUST watch – CHUCK Season 3 premieres tonight with 2 incredible all new hours, and a third hour, in their regular timeslot of Mondays at 9, airs tomorrow!

When we last left our favorite bumbling spy, Chuck had been downloaded with Intersect 2.0 – this new version of the Intersect features more than just your typical spy secrets; this time around, Chuck’s got Kung Fu skills, and flamenco guitar skills, and just about anything you can imagine (check out Kath’s post for a more in depth recap and review of tonight’s premiere)!  Follow the jump for some of my favorite moments of the first 5 episodes of the season!

  • The combination of Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On”, with this quote, “You better get your Brokeback boots off my property before I send you back to your mother’s womb” is one of the first laugh out loud things in the first hour.
  • The Sarah and Chuck will they/won’t they is done in such a different way than other shows.  They truly explore the relationship – they aren’t just your classic girl and guy with a case of bad timing.
  • The music this season is as it’s been since the beginning – incredibly on point, fantastic, genius, everything you can imagine.  I love it, and have already downloaded a billion songs just because of the first 5 episodes alone.
  • I love everything about the cast – the needy way that Lester and Jeff approach Chuck for the first time in the first hour; Devon (Awesome) and his excitement of Chuck’s lame cover.  Morgan‘s reintroduction to the story after he left for Hawaii!  Everyone is awesome and Ellie finally has more to do than nag Chuck.
  • Brandon Routh is the PERFECT addition to the cast in a guest starring role as a kind of a jackass that I still find myself completely drawn to.
  • As someone who really, really, really never liked Kristen Kreuk on SMALLVILLE, I think the introduction of her Hannah is fantastic!
  • Other guest stars like Angie Harmon, Steve Austin, Josie Davis, Armand Assante, Vinnie Jones – everyone is so great (I think Angie Harmon being my favorite)!
  • By the third hour, the fact that Awesome knows Chuck’s secret is so exciting!  He’s fully incorporated in the story, and it works so well.
  • Morgan’s getting a little lovin’, and he throws an awesome party!  He also teams up with Colonel Casey with unpredictable results. OH!  And he has a new roommate!
  • Karina’s back and I think I kind of hate her and love her at the same time.
  • Operation Bartowksi in general – “the old gang back together again”

So that’s just a few quick thoughts on what’s coming in tonight and tomorrow’s premieres.  You MUST watch and report back what you think – each episode of Season 3 is better than the one before it, starting with an incredible and exciting season premiere.  Don’t worry – if you haven’t ever watched before, you can absolutely catch on, and everything in Chuck’s world will still make absolute sense.