What's On? Monday, 1/4/10

First Monday of the New Year, and we’ve got quite a few premieres tonight!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC kicks the year off with a brand new season of THE BACHELOR – this time, called “:ON THE WINGS OF LOVE” since the lucky lad this time around is Jake Pavelka – a pilot, and one of Jillian’s jilted suitors from last season.  There is bound to be a lot of drama this season with the 25 women they’ve gathered together.  Did you also hear that there was apparently a relationship with a cameraman or something?  Intrigue!  Over on CBS, the whole night is in reruns – on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, it’s “Robin 101” – where Ted schools Barney on all things Scherbatsky; on ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, Billie serves as Davis’ love guru, since she’s not getting any action.

FOX airs the FIESTA BOWL: Boise St vs TCU, all night.  NBC has 2 new hours of HEROES before the big CHUCK premiere next week!  I haven’t been watching, but from what I gather, the Heroes are trying to come to terms with another hero’s death and a bunch of other stuff happens. Over on The CW, a rerun of ONE TREE HILL airs – there’s tension between Nathan and Clay, Millicent’s drug use kicks into high gear, and Skillz considers a job in LA!

Don’t miss the midseason premiere of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER on ABC Family – Anne and Amy meet new guys on their vacation.  Also, George worries about Robie’s paternity, Ashley feels smothered by Griffin, Ben’s Italian girlfriend arrives, and Jack and Grace confess to similar transgressions.

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, THE BACHELOR: ON THE WINGS OF LOVE (seriously with that long title?) continues until 10.  CBS has reruns of TWO AND A HALF MEN and THE BIG BANG THEORY.  On 2.5, it’s the season premiere all over again, with a special appearance by Eddie Van Halen.  Over on TBBT, Sheldon finds an algorithm for making friends.

NBC continues with HEROES through the hour.  The game continues on FOX.  GOSSIP GIRL is a rerun of the episode where Hilary Duff joins the cast for a bit.  Over on ABC Family, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT returns with all new episodes.  The first one back deals with the aftermath of Nationals – Peyson’s injury, Emily’s relationship with Damon, Kaylie’s airheadedness, and Lauren’s continual deviousness is touched on.  I really love this show – it’s a great escape from the work week, for sure!

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has the premiere of their latest dating show – CONVEYOR BELT OF LOVE.  I didn’t make that up – it’s a show where women choose men from a conveyor belt after a speed dating type of meet and greet.  Wow.  CSI: MIAMI is a rerun of the season premiere where Delko fights for his life from last year’s finale.

Over on NBC, Leno is all new.  Another all new episode of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE airs on TNT – Owen and his family need to move in with his father when the power at their house goes out.  Also, Joe thinks that his daughter is being stalked by her ex.  Comedy Central is airing new episodes of the Mike Judge-created THE GOODE FAMILY.  Check out an all episode of CHEF ACADEMY on Bravo as the chefs learn how to cook with seafood!