THE BACHELOR: On the Wings of Love

So tonight brings us an all new season (I think we’re up to 14) of THE BACHELOR.  The man at the center of the show is Jake Pavelka, a pilot who fell for Jillian last season, and was denied.  He came back to speak his mind to Jillian and help her see what she was dealing with, and now he’s in the hot seat.  Tonight, Jake meets 25 bachelorettes – I can already tell that some are totally crazy.  I have my pick for a winner already – let’s see how it goes.  Follow the jump for a gallery of the women Jake’s going to choose from!  Can you tell just by looking at them which ones are the wrongs ones?

  • Thanks for sharing with us the the link – but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anyone else have a backup hyperlink or a different source? Did anyone catch tonight’s escapade of The Bachelor TV was crazy, Rozlyn was typical!