Reigniting the Rivalry – IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY

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Whatever you’re doing at 10:oo clock tonight, I say drop your plans and tune into the season finale of my favorite season to date of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA.  After everything that the gang has gone through this season, they go out with a bang tonight, reigniting an old rivalry for a new era.  When a ban is lifted on Paddy’s Pub that kept them out of the yearly Flip Cup championship, the gang goes as crazy as you would always expect them to, wanting not only to win, but to have a rivalry pushing them towards their goal.

Some highlights:

1.  Dennis (Glenn Howerton) has one of the most amazing freak outs I’ve ever seen on the show.  Each time it happened, I found myself laughing more and more hysterically.

2.  Frank’s new found affinity for a certain fashion trend has a great payoff!

3.  Guest stars Cody Kasch from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Zach Young) and Noah Bean from DAMAGES are equally hilarious.

4.  There’s an amazing Matt Damon impersonation.

5.  Body paint and Drunk Charlie make an appearance!

6.  I’m going to chant “Flip, flip, flip-adelphia” for days!