My favorite comedy from the 2008-2009 season was definitely BETTER OFF TED.  The genius story of a man named Ted who plays the no nonsense everyman, dealing with a team of crazy scientists, his adorable daughter, an attraction to a charming coworker, and a boss who scares everyone, delightfully!  I was so pleased to hear that it was getting a second season, and now, the wait is over!  Starting tonight, BETTER OFF TED airs new episodes at 9:30 on Tuesdays!

In tonight’s premiere, called “Love Blurts,” the powers that be at Veridian Dynamics (the setting of the show) decide that they are going to take all the mystery out of love, by pairing the staff with their perfect genetic match.  Enter insane and wacky stories that can only be handled by this show!  Taye Diggs, in the picture above, takes some time away from the Oceanside Wellness clinic, to play Linda’s perfect genetic match.  Everyone has a secret and his is genius.

Ted gets himself in hot water with his new lady friend, too, going way too far in the named of “Utah.”  Phil has his own issues to deal with, and then there’s Lem, who has to deal with his genetic perfect match – Veronica!  This cast has never been better and I seriously laughed out loud the entire 4 times I watched the episode!  Follow the jump for some spoilerific clips of tonight’s show, and take some time to catch up on Season 1 on Hulu through Tuesday, and if you miss the window, Season 1 is available on DVD!  If you only have time to catch up on one episode, watch “Racial Sensitivity;” if you only have time to catch up on two, watch “Jabberwocky.”  This show is great!

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