SONS OF ANARCHY rides into a 3rd season

Did everybody watch the finale of SONS OF ANARCHY last night?  Were you left with a gutted feeling, like you had also just experienced what Jax was going through?  That’s definitely how I felt watching it, and I immediately worried that we hadn’t heard anything about a Season 3 pick up.

Cut to this afternoon – got a great email from our friends at FX to let us know that the show had HUGE ratings and it would definitely be getting a 3rd season, with 13 episodes, scheduled to air in September of 2010.  Sure, it’s a long wait, but it’s going to be totally worth it.  It sounds like all series regulars are in place to return – which means [spoiler alert], there is hope for Sack!  In addition, Kurt Sutter signed a 2 year deal to stay on as show runner / head writer, which makes me think we’re most likely getting a 4th season, too!

What do you think?  I am so excited – this show has sky-rocketed to the TOP of my favorite shows list.   In next week’s best of 2009 lists as they start to trickle out, expect to see the story lines, the shows, the acting, the writing, and just about everything else to be very well represented on my lists!

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