Watch SONS OF ANARCHY tonight!

Some shows, when they have what I refer to as a “filler episode,” stop the momentum, take the story lines out of the linear, and show us information about Jack’s Tattoo (for example…cough, LOST, cough).  Other shows, like SUPERNATURAL and tonight’s must watch episode of SONS OF ANARCHY manage to have a “filler episodes” that aren’t as heavy on the typical action but that still move the story line, still tug at the heart strings, and still fire you up for what’s to come.

After last week’s brilliant and heartbreaking “Balm”, SAMCRO is back tonight with an episode called “Service” that’s equally about setting a plan in motion to avenge Gemma’s brutal attack and getting SAMCRO back to a place where everyone is on solid ground.  There is so much truth being thrown about in tonight’s episode, along with a shocking hookup and some incredible work by Maggie Siff, Ally Walker, and Ryan Hurst (Opie) (among the rest of the amazing cast), that I found myself dying to watch the episode again, and I’m getting antsy thinking about the final two episodes of the season beyond tonight!

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Where other shows have myriad supporting players that don’t get to shine aside from rare moments that are often few and far between, this season of SONS OF ANARCHY has gone out of its way to showcase every single member of the club, their allies, and their enemies.  Do yourself a favor and figure out a way to catch up on this entire season of SONS OF ANARCHY.  It’s been one hit after another and the ridiculous amount of ways this story could end has my heart aflutter with worry and excitement!